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10 Coolest Courses at the University of Illinois, Chicago

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Aileen Cuaresma
28 Jan 2019
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As one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse universities in the country, the welcoming environment of the University of Illinois at Chicago gives you the chance to study, work and grow with classmates who will broaden your perspectives and worldview. Aside from offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in a wide array of fields, UIC also offers courses that are fun and unique. Find the one from this list that’s right for you!

1. BVIS 537 - Advanced Interactive Visualization

This course will discuss the advanced concepts within interactivity production with a focus on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The course will provide experience with various project builds for the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, and mobile VR applications. VR game being played

2. US 205 - Cinema and the City

Explores how diverse societies, cities, and urban phenomena are represented in film at different points in history, explores theories of urbanism and individual relationships to cities and urban society and institutions.  Students are required to view films outside of regular class hours. UIC2

3. THTR 103 - History of Chicago Theatre Past and Present

Students learn about the ideas, individuals, and institutions that have made Chicago one of the world’s great theatre cities. Involves short readings, review of historical photo and video archives and interviews with leading contemporary Chicago artists. Students also go to fun field trips at a nominal fee. Old black and white picture of theatre

4. AAST 207 - Racism: Global Perspectives

AAST 2017 is the introduction to global, transnational, and comparative perspectives on racism. Students will analyze the race and racism not only in the United States, but also in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, and other contexts for a better understanding of racism as a whole. UIC4

5. ART 151 - Introduction to Creative Coding in New Media Arts

Under the professional instruction of an expert in coding languages, students will investigate the ways in which social media, data, and code have been instrumental in re-configuring the nature of social relationships in our society. Students will go on field trips and use coding languages such as Processing, HTML, and JavaScript. Moving through the beginning and intermediate levels of coding, students will explore creative new avenues of applying these tools. Students will gain skills to expand upon traditional uses of coding by aligning it with the contemporary art practices of New Media, a field in which technology and contemporary art combine. Graphic design of diamonds

6. MUS 151 - Concert Band

MUS 151 is the introduction to varied symphonic band and wind ensemble literature. Students of this course will hold regular performances throughout the school year, as well as go on occasional field trips. UIC6

7. THTR 105 - Introduction to American Musical Theatre

A brief history of American musical theatre, its adaptation, and alteration of earlier types of theatre, the basic structure of a classic musical, and how the song and dance advance storytelling.  Field trips required at a nominal fee. As UIC does not offer musical theatre productions, the course will require attendance at productions outside the University. At least two are anticipated, one to see or assess a traditional musical comedy and a second to see a new or contemporary example of musical theatre. wavelentgh of musical notes

8. DES 130 - 3D Form Studio

DES 130 is the introduction to the fundamentals of three-dimensional form-making, design thinking, and design process. The course gives emphasis on conceptual visualization and physical and digital fabrication. UIC9

9. MOVI 200 - Communication Technologies

History, development, and social impact of communication technology such as print, broadcast, cable, satellite, computer, internet. Issues related to infrastructure, regulation, access, globalization, conveyance, and change are discussed. Some sections may be offered fully online or in a blended-online and classroom course setting. Different electronic devices

10. GWS 102 - Global Perspectives on Women and Gender

GWS is an interdisciplinary introduction to Gender and Women's Studies that draws on the humanities and social sciences. The course emphasizes intersections among gender, race, sexuality, class, and nation. It also addresses historical and contemporary debates, focusing primarily on global concerns. UIC11


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