Amongst the hustle and bustle that comes with college, lie beacons of sanctuary and safety. It’s important that these young adults don’t stress themselves out too much, otherwise they’ll crash and burn in the most unpleasant of ways. In other words, here are a few places on campus that students may want to spend a few moments at just to unwind and get their mind together.

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1. Richard J. Daley Library 


Some may not think of the library as a place of rest and relaxation. However, the Daley Library at UIC can quite easily fit that description. Possessing four main floors for students to linger on, the first two are a bit more casual in terms of the kind of environment. It is not rare for large groups of friends to gather there and have a loud, rousing conversation about whatever they wish. It’s possible to get work done on these floors, but just keep in mind that you may hear occasional yells and shouts from every direction around. In a very strange way, it’s calming, just hearing your fellow students interact with each other in such a chill manner. The third and fourth floors are more for the assiduous kind, where you can find the peace and quiet you desperately crave. Not to mention, the view out of the windows from way up there can be breath-taking.

2. Inner Circle



Located in the depths of Student Center East, the Inner Circle provides exactly what college students are looking for: real food to eat and a place to eat it at. This place is jam-packed near lunchtime, so if you truly wish to get a good seat, you better hurry on over before it’s too late. That’s a testament to how popular the Inner Circle really is, further cemented by the sheer number of patrons in daily attendance. The little stage near the entrances is a pretty decent place to sleep as well, if you’re looking for that sort of thing. One can sense the placid environment the Inner Circle possesses the second they take a step in.

3. The Atrium




Ahh, the Atrium. Although it doesn’t quite look as impressive as the picture provided does, it’s still cherished without a doubt. Whether you have to grind out your long, meticulous essay due tonight, or you simply wish to watch the many students that gather to practice and show off their dance moves, the Atrium provides a location where you can reside at with total peace of mind, regardless of how many hours go by. Bonus: You get a lovely view, unlike most other places on campus, of the sun rising or setting if you’re lucky enough to be there at the right time. Your nerves will be put to rest and you’ll finally find yourself breathing once more, in this peaceful atmosphere.

4. Behavioral Sciences Building



One of UIC’s most well-known buildings in its entirety is the Behavioral Sciences Building, or BSB for short. Located a distance away from the quad, many students choose to spend their entire days inside, due to the vast size and depth of the structure. From long, narrowing hallways that seem to go on forever to the various seats and couches on the second floor designed just for some rest and relaxation, it’s nice knowing that there is a place on campus that’s just far away enough to get away from all of the chaos that can sometime occur in the center of UIC, yet still be close enough to feel united among the other buildings. It’s not hard to find a cozy spot just for you within BSB.

5. The Grassy Area Around University Hall



This is the only location on this list that isn’t actually inside anywhere, but for good reason. In the Springtime as well as the Fall, nothing beats just plopping down in the soft, welcoming grass underneath a shady tree and watching the clouds pass by above. It really clears your mind of all the troubles going in within your life, even if it is just for a few minutes. If you’re with a friend, you might find the time slipping between your fingers as the two of you discuss the finer, yet smaller things of our existence. You can’t go wrong with deciding to do this if you have spare time in between your classes.


Attending university is a busy time in one’s life, and often requires many commitments and sacrifices just to get by. A lot of people may find it overwhelming and downright scary at times, but in all honesty, it doesn’t have to be. You just need to remember when to take it easy, and to find things that help you deal with your stress and anxiety. Everyone has the potential to do well, and visiting any one of the places listed above can definitely help you along the path to success.



Abdulkareem Basheer

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