With second semester quickly approaching, it’s best to be prepared when it’s time to register for classes. Here are some helpful tips to help you avoid a stressful registration process.

1. DO use the Plan Ahead tool

When you register for classes in Enterprise, there will be a tool called “Plan Ahead.” Before your registration time starts, you can prepare your schedule by creating one before hand. Then when it’s your time to register, you can easily click on “Register for Classes” and select the schedule you already constructed, adding all your classes with one click. This gives you a better chance of getting into the classes you want and makes the registration process easy and efficient.

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2. DON’T wait until the last minute

If you want until the last couple of weeks to register, chances are you won’t get your first choice of classes. All the fun and easy ones will likely be filled and you’ll be forced to take a class you don’t want to take.

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3. DO register for classes you’re interested in

You’ll be more inclined to do better if you’re interested in the topic you’re learning. For example, if you love Greek and Roman Mythology, CLCV 115 is the way to go. If you hate astronomy, don’t take ASTR 404!

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4. DON’T overwhelm yourself

If you’re not a morning person, you probably shouldn’t sign up for 8 am classes every day. Be wary of what you can and can’t handle. The same goes for credit hours. Even though it’s good to be proactive and get those credits, don’t take too many classes to the point where you can’t make time to attend clubs or relax.

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5. DO choose classes that fulfill multiple GenEds

There are many classes that fulfill more than one GenEd and are just as easy as the classes that only fulfill one. If you have the opportunity to kill two or even three birds with one stone, take it! You’ll thank yourself later when you finish your GenEds faster than your peers.

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6. DON’T go through the registration process alone

With so many requirements to graduate, it’s easy to get lost in what classes you need to take and when. Lucky for UIUC students, there are so many outlets to seek help throughout the registration process to make sure we’re on track toward getting that degree. It’s highly recommended that you pay a visit to your advisor to make sure you’re taking the right classes. If your advisor is busy with other students, you can always get help from a peer advisor. (Tip for business students: Check out peer advising on the main floor of BIF!)

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7. DO look at your DARS Audit

Your DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) Audit allows you to see which requirements you still need to fulfill in order to graduate. You can keep tabs on how many credit hours you have, which required courses you still need to take, which classes you’ve already taken, which GenEds you’ve fulfilled, your GPA, and more! Utilizing your DARS to help you register for classes can aid you immensely. Click here to see your DARS:  http://registrar.illinois.edu/dars-audit

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