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The Six Pack (n.) – the name given to the most social, busy, convenient, loud, smelly, old and modern dorms on campus

1. You always have friends nearby.

With all the dorms so close to each other, you can easily visit a friend whenever you want! There’s no need to worry about having to take a bus or walking a long distance just to say hi to your peers.

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2. Ikenberry Commons is RIGHT THERE.

Living in the Six Pack means its very convenient to grab a bite to eat. Since the Ikenberry Commons is so close, you have easy access to the dining hall (which is arguably the best one on campus), 57 North (which is basically a convenience store that also makes burgers, pizza, etc.), and the Caffeinator (which sells coffee, smoothies and more on the second floor)! Ikenberry Commons even has a library on the second floor when you need a quiet place to work but don’t want to travel far from your dorm.

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3. It’s a social community!

The Six Pack is a social hub. Whether it’s among your dorm building or the whole area, you’re going to run into a typically more social group of people. For this reason, a lot of freshman seek to live in the Six Pack, but you’ll find students of all years living in these dorms too.

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4. In need of a 2 am wake up call?

Since the area is so social, a lot of partiers will straggle in late at night. The fact that quiet hours start at 11 pm on weekdays means nothing, especially during the first couple weeks of school. On the plus side, it’s always fun seeing people come back from a party…”carefree.”

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5. No excuse not to work out at the ARC!

The Activities and Recreation Center is right across from Snyder Hall. Whether you want to go for a swim, a run, compete in your intramural badminton league, or just play a friendly pickup game of basketball, the ARC is right next door packed with amenities.

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6. The smells…so many different smells…

This is more of an issue in the traditional dorms and definitely happens in campuses across the nation. Occasionally your floor will be hit with the smell of skunk, but don’t worry it’s just drugs! Then there are just the inexplainable smells that can’t be traced to anything (and yes, I’m talking about Weston Hall). Every floor seems to have its own distinct smell over there. But now let’s take a moment to honor those whose popcorn blesses the halls with its buttery aroma.

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7. It’s home to the newer dorms…

If you’re lucky enough to snag a room at Nugent, Wassaja, or Bousfield, congratulations! Practically hotels, these dorms are much nicer than the traditional ones. They’re home to living rooms, modern lounges, and Nugent, which is also connected to the Ikenberry Commons, even has it’s own exercise room!

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8. …and older dorms.

If you live in the Taft-Van Doren Halls, get comfortable without air conditioning. Although these residence halls aren’t all bad, they’re usually not everyone’s first pick.

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9. Sports fan?

The Six Pack is located near Memorial Stadium, which is perfect if you’re a big football fan! If you like to play more than you like to watch sports, no problem! Just a little walk past Hopkins Hall are soccer fields, outdoor basketball courts, and sand volleyball courts which are great for sunny days.

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As you can see the Six Pack is an interesting place to live. It has its pros, cons, and everything in between. There’s no doubt you’ll make memories here with your fellow peers.


Sarah Chang

"Here's to the crazy ones...because those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."

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