Choosing where you want to dorm can be hard. However, choosing an LLC to live in can be even harder if you don’t know what they entail. Here are five reasons why you should consider the LEADS Living-Learning Community:

1. It’s on the second floor of Hopkins.

Hopkins Hall is located in the Six Pack and the second floor of the building is exclusively for LEADS residents. This floor is typically closer than others because people in LEADS tend to be a lot more social and it’s easy to visit the friends you make in this LLC since they’re just down the hall.

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2. You get to school two days earlier than everyone else.

All Living-Learning Communities arrive at school two days earlier than the freshman. This is nice because it gives you a chance to get to know people before school actually starts. This perk is definitely helpful when you’re an incoming freshman and want to establish some roots early.

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3. It’s mainly freshman.

LEADS is pretty much all freshman. So if you’re an upperclassman and don’t want to be surrounded by social underclassman experiencing college for the first time, you might want to consider a different LLC. But if you’re a freshman looking to dorm on a more fun and friendly floor, LEADS is for you!

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4. There are community service opportunities.

LEADS is all about leadership (hence its name), so there are many opportunities for LEADS residents to do community service. Before school even starts you’ll probably get the chance to do some sort of community service through this LLC.

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5. You have access to exclusive LLC classes.

From Greek and Roman Mythology to American Sign Language, being in LEADS means you can register for certain classes other students cannot register for. Not only are these classes typically smaller but a good amount of them are also taught in Weston Hall which is an extremely short walk away from Hopkins Hall. This is perfect during cold and rainy days, and also it’s just nice to not have to walk far in general.

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Overall, LEADS is a great Living-Learning Community for freshman. You might consider applying to be in LEADS if you’re looking to befriend the people on your floor, which always makes your dorm experience better. It’s also rich with social and service opportunities that are made even more fun with friends. Although it’s occasionally too loud in the halls of the second floor of Hopkins, it’s usually just a sign that people are getting along.

Sarah Chang

"Here's to the crazy ones...because those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."

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