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Top 10 Professors at University of Illinois, Chicago

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The University of Illinois has many campuses. Urbana champagne and the Chicago campus being the best of all. The University of Illinois, Chicago commonly names as UIC is one the top-notch universities in the whole United States with one of the best teaching faculties in every branch of studies. The professors over here are highly educated in their stream of study and have a very good amount of teaching experience too which makes the students learn more easily and making the studies more fun. Here are top 10 professors at UIC:

1) Michael Popowits

Michael Popowits?

Rating: 96%
Department: Accounting

Courses Taught:

MBA 590 - Learn More
ACTG 474 - Learn More
ACTG 420 - Learn More

Student Reviews: 

"Improv & Business 1 focuses on networking and interviewing (Improv 2 focuses on presentation skills). I highly recommend this 8-week class- especially in your last semester as I was able to do 3 mock interviews in class with classmates and get feedback from them on my responses in real time! It's a lot of fun and really informative!"

"I recently took his MBA 590 II (Improv) course after taking Improv I the semester prior. Prof. Popowitz is one of the best professors I have ever had. He's thoughtful, creative, inspirationally introspective, & truly makes everyone feel valued every week in class. Taking a class from him is a must to developing prof. presence in ANY MBA program."

"I'm taking him right now, if you show up in class, you will do well in class as he explains ERD, Normalization, and Access thoroughly in class that will help you in your h.w and midterm. His homework is fair but there's hw every week. There's only 1test(hw and PPT helped). Seriously don't zone out doing the show! He's funny and caring."

2) Evangelos Kobotis

Pic 2: Evangelos Kobotis 

Rating: 81%
Department: Mathematics

Courses Taught:

MATH 210 - Learn More
MATH 220 - Learn More
MATH 165 - Learn More

Student Reviews: 

"Math220 isn't a class that's usually taken because someone wants to. Usually its there for students who have it as a requirement, but not a single day went by in his class that felt like I was there because I had to be there. Prof. Kobotis' class was really one where you felt bad if you truly couldn't attend. Enticing, fun, natural storyteller."

"Great lecturer, a great math teacher. Take this guy if you can. He has EXTENSIVE knowledge of the field of mathematics, and lets you know that. Talks about why formulas were created and their origins. His tests are extremely straightforward and reflect the homework easily."

"Professor Kobotis is a tough but caring professor. He goes off the material thoroughly and answers any and all questions. If he makes a mistake, he apologizes profusely. He has a strict policy of no phones in class, which I hated at first, but it led to me actually paying attention in class. One of the best lecturers I have ever had."

3) Michael Muller

 Michael Muller 

Rating: 96%
Department: Biological Sciences

Courses Taught:

BIOS 100 - Learn More
BIOS 104 - Learn More

Student Reviews:

"very simple. Go over lecture slides in order to get an A in exams; you get to drop one exam out of the 4 exams. I got a D in the first exam but that's was only because I didn't go over the lecture slides at all. So in short, review lecture notes and write notes while reviewing them. Also look over past exams!"

"I took professor Muller for bio in the summer. It was fast-paced but he was able to explain everything easily. Very understanding and willing to help with anything. Study the previous tests and focus in class and you will do fine. One of the coolest professors I've had. Wish he taught more bio courses.."

"BEST teacher for biology. He is very funny, explains things very clearly, and very helpful outside of class. TAKE HIM. His tests are based off past exams, he even says this. The questions might be rearranged by changing one word, but the answer will just be the opposite of past exams. I glad I took him. HIGHLY recommend him."

4) Neil Miranda

Pic 4: Neil Miranda 

Rating: 90%
Department: Chemistry

Courses Taught:

CHEM 234 - Learn More
CHEM 232 - Learn More

Student Reviews:

"Organic Chemistry by no means is an easy course. Dr. Miranda is a great professor, he gives great practice problems and he also has you writing things down to understand what is going on. It's not ALL just slides, which is very helpful. Though, he Does NOT have good time management. He fell behind schedule and rushed at the end. (Summer Class)"

"Dr. Miranda is a good professor. He wants you to UNDERSTAND the material-not memorize it. You have to go to a lecture and take notes- no power points. Tests are hard, but not impossible. Able to get B's on all exams. He is awesome compared to Landrie by FAR. I RECOMMEND for Orgo2 and any class."

"Phenomenal chemistry professor. Exams are not hard because he expects you to UNDERSTAND the material, not to MEMORIZE them. If memorizing is your method, you will likely suffer this class. If you dedicate enough practice, Orgo will make sense to you."

5) Robert Paul Malchow

robert paul malchow uic

Rating: 92%
Department: Biological Sciences

Courses Taught:

BIOS 101 - Learn More
BIOS 240 - Learn More
BIOS 442 - Learn More

Student Reviews: 

"I took this class a while ago, and I've since graduated. Dr. Malchow is one of the best professors I've ever had. He is sincere, compassionate, knowledgeable, and helpful. Listening to him in class was such a joy. I've never met anyone quite like him, and if he's reading this, I want him to know he's had a very big impact on my life <3 Lots of love."

"Dr. Malchow is a very caring professor! The material is very challenging so be prepared to study!! You have to watch all the videos he assigns and make sure you know how to draw all the diagrams and graphs. He really does care about his students, so feel free to ask him any questions you may have. If you like to slack off, then I DO NOT recommend!"

"Malchow was AMAZING! Need to attend the lecture to get a decent grade, but he's so entertaining that it's not a big deal. Definitely loves the subject. There's a lot of tiny stuff that contributes to your grade, so make sure to read the syllabus carefully because he doesn't remind you to finish stuff. Old tests are super helpful"

6) David Cabrera

 david cabrera uic

Rating: 98%
Department: Mathematics

Courses Taught:

MATH 181 - Learn More
MATH 220 - Learn More

Student Reviews:

"He explains everything so clearly, and he doesn't make you feel dumb for not understanding"

"Calc II is DIFFICULT but Prof. C. makes it seem like tying shoe laces. He is extremely organized and explains the material in the clearest way possible. I've never come across a better professor. Powerpoints (along with notes he wrote in class) were always on Bb. He also has a website with past exams, which is so helpful! Overall, amazing prof.!"

"I had him for Calc I and II, and honestly is my favorite professor at UIC. If I didn't change my major I would take him again for Calc III. He's willing to help you understand the material, but he makes you work for your grade. If you put in the effort to learn the subject, then you should do good."

7) Calvin Kafka

mathematical equations

Rating: 97%
Department: Mathematics

Courses Taught:

MATH 090 - Learn More
MATH 121 - Learn More

Student Reviews:

"Professor Kafka is a very nice professor, despite the constant rudeness (people answering their phone in class, why??) and low attendance, due to this being a remedial course. He is very approachable but doesn't respond to emails consistently, so talk to him in class. Attendance is not taken in class or discussion."

"I used to be horrible in math. seriously, he is the best teacher I have ever had. I started at math 075, failed 090 due to some careless/horrible teacher, took 090 again with him passed it, then took 121 with him and received an A! take him if you can! you WILL NOT regret it! my ta was awesome too! take Nathan Bliss if he is available."

"Professor Kafka is a very nice professor, despite the constant rudeness (people answering their phone in class, why??) and low attendance, due to this being a remedial course. He is very approachable but doesn't respond to emails consistently, so talk to him in class. Attendance is not taken in class or discussion."

8) William John O'Brien

a person crunching numbers

Rating: 100%
Department: Finance

Courses Taught:

FIN 301 - Learn More
FIN 302 - Learn More

Student Reviews: 

"My favorite teacher at the UIC. Never thought I would "enjoy" studying finance. O'Brien is a caring prof who educates at his own style. 10/10 would do again"

"Great teacher. Tells jokes to wake you up. If you do the homework and study guide you will pass exams. You can use the later edition for his class, just double check with him. There is a group project in the end but easy if you start it ahead of time. He takes random attendance for points so miss if you want."

"One of the best professors at UIC. The only problem I had in his class was the excel project but it's not that hard. I ended up getting 94 or 95% in the class. UIC needs to have more teachers like him."

9) Lisa Berube

elements of sociology

Rating: 100%
Department: Sociology

Courses Taught:

SOC 251 - Learn More
SOC 245 - Learn More
SOC 212 - Learn More

Student Reviews: 

"One of the most amazing professors I've ever had! Her course is not difficult as long as you do the work and her lectures are very enjoyable and informative. You'll actually learn something! She's also very caring to all of her student and makes everyone feel great about being in class not to mention she's HILARIOUS. I defiantly recommend her."

"Awesome teacher! Doesn't make you know useless information. Goes straight to the point. Even though there was only a midterm test I learned a lot in her class through her lectures, examples, and mainly she makes complex concepts easier to understand and grasp on. I love the way she teaches so straight to the point tell you what you need to know exactly!"

"Lisa is super nice and funny and always has time for students. The class is pretty easy as long as you do everything and especially if you take advantage of her office hours at least once. She will make sure you get an A if she sees you are trying. Very personable and normal and nice. Go to class because she takes attendance randomly 3 times/sem."

10) Serder Ogut

 Serder Ogut?

Rating: 98%
Department: Physics

Courses Taught:

PHYS 511 - Learn More
PHYS 105 - Learn More

Student Reviews:

"Hardest teacher I've ever had but also the best. He really cares about his students. I highly recommend taking his class, you will learn the most you ever will in any class."

"Best professor at UIC really cares about students and whether they pass or fail. He's very helpful and always willing to explain things, take advantage of his office hours."

"One of the best professors at UIC. PHysics is not an easy class, but with Ogut it is made easier. He knows exactly what he is doing and explains things very well and clearly. He is the best professor I have ever had thus far at UIC. He takes the time to help every student if needed."

Notable Research by the Faculty at UIC

1) Obesity Prevention project by Michael Fagen

 michael fagen uic

Dr. Michael Fagen is a Clinical Associate Professor in the UIC SPH’s Community Health Sciences Division, where he directs the MidAmerica Center for Public Health Practice. Dr. Fagen’s research focuses on school health promotion, community-based prevention, and policyto-practice translation

2) Little Village community health assesment project by Jenifer Hebert-Beirne

 Jenifer Hebert-Beirne uic

Dr. Hebert-Beirne is an Assistant Professor in the School of Public Health, a UMed faculty member and a Co-Investigator for the MidAmerica Center for Public Health Practice. Her research interests include Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR), community health equity assessment, social determinants of health, community-based qualitative and mixed methods and women’s and adolescent female pelvic and sexual health

3) Youths role project by Jessica Barnes

 Jessica Barnes uic research

Ms. Barnes is a Research Coordinator at UIC College of Medicine, Hispanic Center of Excellence. She coordinates an NIH-funded longitude mixed-method study exploring high school students’ motivations and behaviors related to pursuing health science careers. She also assists in program evaluation efforts at the Center. She is a passionate Public Health Researcher dedicated to addressing health inequities from an innovative, grassroots perspective.

4) Improving the health of mother with disabled children, project by Sandra Magana

Sandra at IUC

Dr. Magaña is a Professor in Disability and Human Development (UIC) whose research focuses on underserved families of children and adults with disabilities. She holds a Masters in Social Work from California State University, San Bernardino and received her PhD from the Heller Graduate School of Social Policy at Brandeis University.

5) Being active, increasing latinos healthy aging project by David Marquez

 David Marquez

Dr. Marquez earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago and his Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His area of specialization is in Exercise Psychology and Behavioral Medicine and he uses randomized controlled trials and community-based interventions towards the prevention of disability and the maintenance of cognitive functioning and quality of life in older Latino adults.University of Illinos, Chicago is filled with extremely talented professors which are one of the best ones in their feild or department. Studying under them helps you, as a student, to grow a lot and learn a lot. Best of luck!


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