The University of Iowa is obviously a very cool school and has lots of really fun and interesting classes that students can take.

The add/drop deadline is approaching and you are taking an elective that, after being there for a week, you just know you are going to hate. You also can’t just drop it because that would put you under 12 credits. Well, here is a list of the 10 coolest courses at the University of Iowa that you can take in this course’s place.

1. PHYS 1511 – College Physics

Even though this is a fairly challenging course and is usually offered at 8:30am, the lectures will never leave you disappointed. Every class includes mind-blowing demonstrations. You will get to watch your professor bike across the room using the power of a fire extinguisher. Your professor will also demonstrate that when you blow air between two separated balloons, the balloons will actually come together, not go apart. Who knew?! Well, it turns out Bernoulli knew.

2. THTR 1140 – Basic Acting

So basically if you want to be in a room with people who, just like you, don’t care what you think about them, take basic acting. You are constantly playing games with your classmates. You might even get to impersonate Ben Affleck. Sign me up! At the end of the semester, you will probably be close friends with most of your class. Many people find themselves hanging out with their basic acting classmates for many semesters to come.

3. HHP 1100 – Human Anatomy

Do you ever wonder what your body is composed of or how things in your body work? Take anatomy to find out. After taking anatomy, you will no longer be complaining about back or shoulder pain.  You’ll be saying your latissimus dorsi and rhomboid major are hurting… Or maybe you’ll just do that with your fellow anatomy nerd friends.

4. CLSA 2016 – Classical Mythology

So everyone knows that Zeus is the god of the sky and the ruler of all gods and that Aphrodite is the goddess of love right? But did you know that Aphrodite is also associated with war? No? Me neither. How does that even make sense? Well, take classical mythology to find out.

5. ANTH 2261 – Human Impacts on the Environment

Nowadays people know that rapid deforestation and other agricultural techniques can have devastating impacts on our environment. However, our ancient ancestors didn’t quite have this figured out. In this course, you’ll dive into why some of the greatest empires in the history of this planet failed. You get to discuss the mystery of Stonehenge. Also, you’ll do projects that open your eyes to how much food and energy you waste in just a week.

6. SRM 1045 – Health for Living

Many people will agree that the professor is the reason this course is on this list. Teague is the coolest guy you’ll ever meet. While maintaining a serious learning environment, the guy will tell you all about his experience with weed. If there were ever a professor that would be willing to sit down and have a beer with you, Teague would be the guy. With this being said, the course itself is really interesting. All semester in your discussion sections, you will debate with classmates on controversial topics (airport scanners, weed legalization, needle exchange programs, etc.).

7. PHIL 1033 – The Meaning of Life

The title of this course says it all. You’ll discuss the philosophical legends Aristotle and Plato and truly wonder: what is life? The format of the class is really laid back and stress-free. The weekly write-up assignments can actually be quite interesting. You also get to discuss weekly topics in discussion with your classmates. The conversations can get pretty intense. The course makes you think in a way many of you have never thought before.

8. ARTS 1010 – Elements of Art

This class is for people who aren’t necessarily good at art but have an interest in drawing. For many students, it is an opportunity to push themselves in ways they haven’t been pushed before. You also get to draw a nude model, so that’s pretty cool.

9. PSY 1001 – Elementary Psychology

The human brain is a truly fascinating thing. In this course, you’ll get a glimpse at how the brain works and what can happen when the brain doesn’t work properly. Did you know that your eyes actually see the world upside down and your brain flips the image? Yeah, elementary psychology taught me that.

10. Any HPAS Course

Get your mind off of the stress involved with college by taking an HPAS course. Some of these courses are pilates, core strengthening, cardio training, and personal fitness. If you find yourself coming to college and gaining the freshman fifteen, take one of these courses to learn how to lose some of that gut.


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