College is a time for people to decide what it is they want to spend their whole life doing, and for many people, reaching their ultimate goal of graduating can be a struggle due to a few blocks in the road. No matter what your major is, there are bound to be certain required classes you just don’t enjoy or can’t comprehend what-so-ever. Everybody has a different view on difficult classes but here are a few majority of people seems to struggle with. Here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at the University of Iowa!

1. ACCT: 2100 Financial Accounting

“Wow! I loved taking Financial Accounting!” –said no one ever. With all the online homework assignments and weekly quizzes, getting a stellar grade in this class isn’t common. This class focuses on accounting and financial reporting procedures that businesses use. It is a required class in you plan on majoring in business, so best of luck business majors!

2. CHEM: 1110 Principles of Chemistry

This class is a typical freshman weed out course. It is a huge jump from high school chemistry and leaves many students struggling in the mid of the night trying to comprehend what element does what and how to do equations.

3. HHP: 1310 Human Physiology

Nothing about this class is easy unless you have a photographic memory. This class is centered on learning literally everything in the human body. I don’t know about anyone else, but knowing everything about everything in the human body doesn’t sound like a walk in the park to me. 

4. PHYS: 1400 Physics

Word is that the concepts taught in this class are not relevant to the homework. The questions on the homework look like they were written in a foreign language. The physics problems given are supposed to help people advance in life not drag them down!

5. JPNS: 1001 1st Year Japanese

No matter who is teaching the class or what school the class is taught at, nothing about learning the language of Japanese is simple. With three alphabets to learn, the language is very difficult! It also doesn’t help when the teacher is hard to understand!


6. CBE: 3101 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Class description: “Applications of thermodynamic principles to chemical and physical processes; prediction of material properties; phase and chemical equilibria applied to mixtures and reacting systems.” If students can barely comprehend the class description of UIOWA what makes professors think they will understand the class? Yikes!

7. MICR: 2157 General Micro Biology

The hardest part of this class was the immunology. There was so many details to learn and everything was at the cellular level which was nearly impossible to relate to. This class was basically memorizing details on details on details on details.

8. MATH: 1850 Calculus

The information taught in this class was not clear at all. There were assignments due almost every other day, and the professor moved on so quickly from topic to topic. Once you don’t understand one thing, it is hard to understand the upcoming topics.

9. STAT: 1030 Statistics for Business

“In one ear and one the other.” That is how the information taught in this class feels like to students. Partially because the information is so dry and partially because the professor was not clear about the stats, graphs, correlations, etc.


10. TDSN: 2210 Problems in 3D Design

This class is very an overall problem. It may be called “Problems in 3D Design”, but it became more like a life problem for me. The class involves a whole lot of critical design thinking which solving problems to create 3D structures. Ahhh the brains of college students can only handle so much and this class overdoes it for many.



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