For many high school students, many fear the idea of college and the many things they will have to face when arriving. Who’s going to be their roommate, deadlines for scholarships, and of course freshman 15. Packing on that extra 15 lbs can be a fear for many, but their are many ways to slap those pounds away, and possibly, pick up some good habits.

1. Walk to Your Classes

At the University of Iowa, the farthest you possibly have to walk is probably 15 minutes, now the distance and the time may seem far and long, but if you listen to music and just enjoy the scenery that the University of Iowa has to offer. This is a good way to get a light cardio in, and for some with Fitbits, you can get those steps in! Through time, walking to places will be a breeze, and the idea of walking won’t seem as bad.

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2. Take the Stairs

Yes, that’s right! Take the stairs! Going up the stairs can help with core strength, your glutes, hamstrings, and calves are going to feel it sometimes the more floors you go up!

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3. Go the Rec Center

At the University of Iowa, the Rec Center is part of the tuition. This big beautiful place is for many to use, so why not go! It can be hard sometimes to squeeze going to the gym into some people’s schedule, but sooner or later it’ll be as if it’s part of your routine. Find some inspiration either buying new work out shoes, clothes, or even looking at images of people with rocking bodies. Set up a work out routine that suits you and work on it!

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4. Go for Healthy Options at the Dining Center

Now this is where some of the freshman 15 can be gained. Being on your own, you make your own decisions with many things, especially eating. The University of Iowa has MANY options when it comes to food, but if you’re trying to slap those pounds away, you have to smart about what you consume. All dining center have options for those who are vegetarian, vegan, and even people who are gluten free. If you’re trying to lose the belly fat, stay FAR away from the carbs, sweets and pop refreshments, and dairy products. Eating and working out go hand in hand.

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Water is the most important, essential, and readily available ever! Drinking water can help naturally cleanse your body from toxins, boost your metabolism, and can help with dropping some pounds. Depending on your weight, there’s a recommended amount of water you should drink in a day. On campus, there’s plenty of places to fill up your water bottle!

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College is a place to discover new things about yourself, and make memories. Why not pick up some good habits, and not only better yourself, but better your body?



Abby Ouankeo

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