When touring or interested in attending Iowa, there are many questions running through their minds. Whether it be which side is better, supplies to bring or even how to get over homesickness. Have no fear, some of those questions will be answered!

1. West Side vs. East Side

When it comes down to which side is the better side, many students have side that East Side is a little bit better due to how much closer it is to the campus and downtown. Other than that, West Side isn’t too bad, the walk to campus is max probably 15 minutes. Listening to music really makes the walk go by faster. In addition, for football games, West Side is closer than East Side.

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2. Student Football Ticket

Many people are curious if buying a student football ticket is even worth it. Student football tickets are tickets for every home game here at Iowa that are sold for about $150. For some, if you love watching some good old college football, definitely recommend buying it because it’ll save you a lot of money. Even if you’re not a huge fan, and you decide to buy it, you can always sell your tickets for each home game. You definitely get your money back due to some tickets can be sold up to $70!

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3. What Are Hawk Dollars

Hawk Dollars is money you can use on campus, and you received $100 every semester. In addition, the money leftover from the last semester moves over to the next semester. You can use these dollars for laundry, some vending machines, the Hawk Shop, and even getting coffee at the Main Library. If you run out, you can always use your card and get more Hawk Dollars transferred to yourself.

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4. Classes Are Too Spread

No fear! Before classes start, always make sure just to walk to all your classes and get the feel of how much time you need, if it’s just faster to take the bus or walk to it. Sometimes, many people overestimate how much time they need, and they don’t realize it takes maybe 5 minutes to walk to a building. If you truly don’t have time or can make it to your class, TALK TO YOUR ADVISER. They’re there to help you and make sure your semester isn’t too stressful.

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5. School Supplies to Bring

The biggest mystery for every college student, what kind school supplies are you going to need to bring when coming to Iowa. Big tip #1: Get a basic calculator. Your first year of Iowa, a majority of the classes will require just a basic calculator. Big Tip #2: Wait to see if you actually need to buy the books for the class. Sometimes some classes don’t even touch the book, so save yourself some money and see what books you actually need. Big Tip #3: The basics are the essentials. Notebooks, pencils, pens, and highlighters. Buy more if it’s required to get other stuff.

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As a freshman, there can be many questions that goes through our minds, but if you’re on a tour, or curious about something, just ask someone. Here on Iowa, someone is willing to help you so you don’t have to stress.


Abby Ouankeo

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