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BIO 152: Principles of Biology II goes through some very exciting topics relating to life as we know it. It has a mix of animal and plant related concepts, as well as biological processes related to life. Here are some of the most interesting topics that are taught throughout the semester.

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1. How blood flows in and out of the heart

It’s incredibly interesting (yet complicated) to understand exactly how the blood moves in and out of our veins, arteries, and heart. While it seems complex at first, drawing out pictures and diagrams makes it much simpler and easy to absorb. It’s cool to know how everything works inside of you!

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2. The Renal System

The Renal System is how your body gets rid of waste. On the surface, this seems pretty boring. But in depth, it actually gets quite exciting. It’s hard not to think about the details of this the next time you use the bathroom or eat something that’s not good for you.


3. How plants use the air as food

Basically: photosynthesis. Which overall, is really a boring subject to learn. But when you think of exactly what the plant is capable of and is actually doing-it’s super impressive. Plants are able to do somethings so powerful; create energy without eating. The whole process is incredible.

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4. How marine animals are able to regulate their salt intake

You may have thought about this yourself at some point. Land mammals like us can’t drink salt water, so how can marine animals, especially marine mammals, drink this? Well it all has to do with osmotic regulation and how these animals are able to control the salt vs. water intake from the ocean surrounding them.

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5. Homeostasis

Ever wonder how your body maintains a constant temperature of 98.6 degrees? Well you can thank homeostasis for that. Simply put, homeostasis is how our bodies maintain stability. The entire body works together through internal systems to keep you alive and at the right “set-points”.

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6. What happens when we feel pain

You’ll learn all about how a painful stimulus travels from the point of pain and all the way through your sensory neurons, to the brain and to the muscle, where it contracts in response to the pain. Pretty neat!

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While not all of biology is fun, these are just some examples of how interesting the class is. Also, most of the professors for the course are amazing-which makes it even better. Good luck and have fun!


Sydney Hineline

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