CHE 111 is the first of the two corresponding general chemistry labs at UK. After 111 is CHE 113. The two courses have the same lab supervisor and most students have to take both of them alongside CHE 105 and 107. You may have heard about them individually, but may not know how they compare. So how different are these classes, and what is similar about them? All of these things are explained below

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1. CHE 113 does not do Peer Reviews

Perhaps the best difference between the two courses is this. CHE 111 has a peer review for almost every report, and these reviews are graded by your classmates and put into the grade-book as is. For most people this hurts their grade, which makes it a relief to see these go away in 113.  You will no longer be relying on lazy classmates to grade your paper well. *sigh of relief*


2. The TA’s are mostly the same

Most 111 lab TA’s will also teach 113 lab. So you may end up with the same one for both. Whether that’s a good or bad thing totally depends. Some people get lucky and have an easier TA both semesters, while some have two terrible ones for each. Thankfully, the TA you get only totally determines your experience in the class. May the odds be ever in your favor!


3. CHE 113 has a midterm.

They thought it would be a good idea to add an additional exam to the second semester lab. This is treated as a midterm and is worth as much as the final grade. It’s just as bad as the final, and most likely doesn’t help anyone’s grade. Double the stress- double the fun right?

4. There are no drafts in 113

Similar to there being no peer reviews, there are no drafts in 113. While this is good for the lack of peer reviewed grades, it has a downside. You don’t get a chance to make your reports better after getting feedback from your TA, which can be a challenge for some. But luckily the TA’s all have office hours and you can always go to those before the reports are due.


5. They expect more out of your reports in 113.

Your reports will most likely be graded harder in general regardless of your TA in 113. Even though the rubrics themselves will be identical, the expectations will be raised. It’s also important to mention that CHE 113 is a two-credit class, while 111 was worth one-credit. This means your grade will have a greater effect on your GPA. So prepare to work even harder.


CHE 111 and CHE 113 have a lot of similarities and a few significant differences, which makes it hard to determine which one is a more challenging class. Chances are you have to take both- so you’ll have to decide for yourself.


Sydney Hineline

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