Do you bleed blue? Here are some definite signs that you go to the University of Kentucky!

1. You see cowboy boots at frat houses

And at Starbucks, and on your way to class. No biggie really.

2. You know what it means to “bleed blue”

And you don’t know how to explain it, you just know.

3. You say “ya’ll” in almost every sentence that works

You don’t even realize you’ve been doing it until you come home over the holidays and everyone makes fun of you for it.

4. You’re a huge football fan but don’t get too stressed out during the season

You live for football season and tailgating, but find that the overall competition doesn’t stress you out, considering your expectations for your team are pretty low. But you still show up to every home game! 

5. You never find yourself impressed by people who talk about how good their college basketball team is

You just sit back and listen because you know they probably can’t compete.

6. You’re surprised when someone doesn’t open the door for you

Sometimes you forget you go to school in an insanely friendly city. And you get kind of angry when you realize the rest of the world is full of jerks.

7. You treat college sports like they’re professional teams

Probably because you live in the most pathetic states for professional sports, considering there isn’t a single one. But hey, go Cats!

8. Ale-8 is a part your regular diet

You had no idea what this magical liquid was before coming here, but now it’s your favorite and gives you more pride for Kentucky.

9. You’ve casually gone to a horse race on the weekends

And you’re an expert on betting at the races at the age of 20.

10. March Madness is a holiday to you

March Madness? You mean Christmas in March!?

11. You don’t know whether to love or hate snow

You hate walking in it, but love when it makes it impossible for your professors to show up to class.

12. You’ve tailgated at a baseball game

We don’t want to admit it, but sometimes the basketball team doesn’t make it far enough, and baseball is all you have left as a passionate Cats fan.

13. You aren’t too upset when football season is over

Football season’s your favorite time of year- until basketball season starts.

14. You don’t listen to anyone who says “you won’t get a parking ticket”

You made the mistake of hoping for this luck wayyyy too many times.


Sydney Hineline

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