Don’t get stuck studying in the same place all year! Everyone has different preferences, and there’s way too many options at University of Kentucky for you to not find the perfect place for you to learn!

1. William T Young Library

This is a given, and you definitely will learn about it at orientation. But that doesn’t mean you’ll realize how awesome it really is. This library is something you have to brag about. Also, it’s open 24/7!

2. Agricultural Information Center

The AIC is something totally unknown to non-agriculture students. However, it’s an awesome resource. It has a great quiet computer lab, and is home to the Ag Deli-which accepts Flex dollars and Meal Swipes!

3. K Lair

While you’ll definitely learn the deliciousness of K Lair very quickly, you might not think about it as a study spot! It’s a perfect place to study during a lunch break in your classes. It’s not as loud as other dining areas, and there’s great personal table spaces. Its prime location on campus is another plus.

4. The Hub

You may or may not hear about the Hub, but it’s a great resource. It’s in the basement of Willy T, and a spot where collaboration is encouraged- so it’s perfect for a group study session. It hosts the writing center and the Media Depot which are free tools for students!

5. Residence Hall Study Rooms

This only applies if you’re living on campus, but these study rooms on each floor of the residence halls are great. Especially if you just need a break from your room, or need to space to spread out!

6. The Study

The Study is a place on campus specifically designed to help you in your lower level, “general” courses. General chemistry, math, biology and more! The Study provides FREE tutoring, as well as review sessions before popular course exams. There’s one located on South and North campus.

7. Science & Engineering Library

Way too many students forget that Willy T is only one of the many libraries on campus. The Science & Engineering library has a subway inside, a computer lab with iMacs, private rooms, and 3 floors of general study space. It’s a great place to go during midterms and finals, because so many students don’t realize it’s even there.

8. Willy T Starbucks

The BEST Starbucks you’ll ever go to. The line may be long at times, but if you’re someone who enjoys some light noise during study times, this is the place for you. Also, nothing better than your best coffee to help you out during a cram session.

9. Lexington Public Library

Probably the last place you’d think about going, since it’s not affiliated with UK. But sometimes you need to get away from campus, but still need to focus. This is a great place for a change in atmosphere!

10. Fine Arts Library

Located right behind the Science & Engineering Library, the Fine Arts library is another great space that avoids the heavy crowds. A quiet, relaxing library with a lot of private study rooms and table space.

11. Whitehall Classroom Building

This building can be utilized during last minute exam prep or working between classes in this area of campus. It isn’t nearly as good as other options on the list, but it at least has tables surrounding the classrooms on all floors, so you can still get work done productively.

12. Einstein Bros Bagels

I’m huge on studying while eating. Einstein Bros tastes amazing, and is a good place to drop in for a shorter study session, or to practice with notecards. The staff is also always very friendly!

13. Learning Centers

After you start classes, you might hear some of your professor’s talk about departmental “learning centers”. Not everything has this, but some that do include general chemistry, organic chemistry, math, and biology. These vary in location but will typically have TA’s or professors there to help and answer questions. Also- some courses even offer extra credit if you swipe in with your student ID!

14. Don & Cathy Jacobs Science Building

There’s almost no chance you won’t have at least one class in the “JSB” building. It’s brand new, and it has amazing study space considering it was meant to be an academic classroom building. There is a Café, and a small market for snacks. There’s also lots of tables and a few private study areas.


Sydney Hineline

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