CHE 107: General College Chemistry II is the second general chem course following CHE 105. Some people find CHE 107  more challenging than 105, because it contains a lot of heavy math and requires a lot of equation memorization. For others, CHE 107 is much easier because of the math involved. Either way, it’s an overall challenging course for anyone taking it. Here are some things to expect in the class at UK.

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1. No recitation

The opinion on this is probably split in the class. For many people, this is a plus. Recitation is not always helpful and is just another class you have to attend. However, recitations can often be considered “easy” points and this is probably the main downside to the lack of one in CHE 107. Because of this, there is more weight on exams in 107 compared to CHE 105, which had a recitation.


2. Online homework

Similar to CHE 105, Sapling is used for the courses homework. You have around one to two assignments every week. There is technically “unlimited” attempts, but you lose points when you attempt it more than once. However, it’s important to take the homework seriously because it does effect your overall grade, and it helps you learn the material. The good news is that if you finish the semester with a 90% average or above on homework, the overall grade gets moved to a 100%.


3. Mandatory attendance

It doesn’t really matter which professor  you have, you are going to have to go to every class. In addition to having to come to class every lecture, there will be clicker questions each class. In most sections these are graded for accuracy. You can expect anywhere from 2-8 questions in each lecture. Similarly to homework, if you reach a certain average on the lecture grades at the end of the class, you get that bumped up to a 100%.


4. Recorded lectures

You have to go to every class to answer the clicker questions. Sometimes it can be hard to comprehend everything during the lecture because of a professors pace. Echo360 technology is used to record every lecture in this course, which means you can always go back through the lecture at your own pace! This is a tool that probably isn’t taken advantage of as much as it should be.


5. 3 midterms and 1 final

CHE 107 exams are the same format as CHE 105, and you can expect the exams to once again be common hour in the evening, and done on your laptop. These exams are a mix of short answer, multiple choice, true false, and matching. While short answer questions are intimidating, but they are better because they allow you to get partial credit for your answers, unlike multiple choice questions. The final is composed of 4 sections, and you are able to replace your lowest exam score with the score of that section on the final.


As said before, people have mixed feelings about this class when comparing it to CHE 105. While they are similar in nature they are very different in content. Don’t let how you felt about 105 dictate your attitude for this course, they are truly very different. Try to see where you struggled in 105 though, so that you can keep improving those skills in 107. Remember to use your resources, and take advantage of One Class notes online. Best of luck!


Sydney Hineline

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