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10 Hardest Courses at the University of Manitoba

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Elijah Macey

The University of Manitoba is the first ever university in the western region of Canada. Founded in 1877, this university is considered a top research-intensive post-secondary educational institution. It is the largest university by campus area and by the total number of enrolled students.
Its main campus is situated in the Fort Garry of the southern region of Winnipeg. The University of Manitoba offers many courses and degree programs. Check out below the 10 hardest courses of the university.

1. BIOL 1412 - Physiology of the Human Body

Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Manitoba.

Can you imagine learning a lot about bones, muscles, organs and their complex process and functions? This course is not for the faint-hearted. You need to study the function of all systems in the body and their regulatory mechanism and interconnection.

2. ECON 7032 - Econometrics III

The department of Economics at the Fletcher Argue building.

One of the difficult subjects at the Department of Economics is the ECON 7032 or Econometrics III. This course offers basic and dvanced time series methods, application and interpretation. If you want to choose this course, prepare yourself for math, software, economics, and intuition.

3. MBIO 2360 - Biochemistry I

Microbiology students on their lab gowns at the University of Manitoba.

This course requires students to understand massive concepts and engrave them in the core of their memories. The MBIO 2360 teaches students the structure and properties of proteins and amino acids, enzyme mechanism, bioenergetics, steroid and lipid biochemistry, energy metabolism, and carbohydrates chemistry. If you take this course, you will also need to study laboratory experiments that deal with biochemical techniques.

4. PHYS 3640 - Electro and Magnetodynamics and Special Relativity

Group picture of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manitoba ground.

Included in our list of 10 hardest courses at the University of Manitoba comes from the Department of Physics and Astronomy, the PHYS 3640. This course is not just hard but also intimidatingly difficult. The topics covered by this class include electromagnetic waves, radiation, special relativity, Maxwell's equations, Faraday's and Ohm's law.

5. MATH 7270 - Algebraic Topology

University of Manitoba's students at the Mathematics Help Center.

Do you love numbers and theories? If not, then this course will give you a headache. Algebraic Topology is the study of elements of homotopy or homology theory. This course will take a lot of time to understand, so you need to secure a bucket of efforts to study this particular subject.

6. PHAC 2100- Pharmacology

Doing experiments at the Pharmacology lab.

This course is available to students at the Pharmacy College and is considered one of the hardest courses at the University of Manitoba. Apart from memorization, this course requires students to understand the concepts of different drugs. If you're good with memorization and analysis, then you can pass this subject.

7. GEOL 2060 - Introductory Geophysics

Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources - Department of Geological Sciences.

Another difficult course at the University of Manitoba is GEOL 2060. This class teaches students about remote sensing, earth physics, geophysical exploration, and satellite geophysics. If you pick this course, you need to have a vast knowledge of physics, and math, as well as the environment. This course also focuses on quantitative modeling and geophysical measurements.

8. LING 2420 - Phonology

Students studying with their laptop at the University of Manitoba.

Phonology is one of the central aspects of language. Generally, it is a difficult subject because you have to study the rules of different languages in terms of possible sounds and how they are put together. Together with Syntax, Phonology is also the hardest course if you're a linguistics major.

9. ABIZ 2390 - Introduction to Environmental Economics

Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics Alumni at the University of Manitoba

If you're looking for a degree in Agribusiness, you'll encounter this difficult subject. Introduction to Environmental Economics is hard at a university level because it requires students to connect to a larger world. You have to study scientific concepts and learn how to use environmental tools. Once you learn these topics, you need to know how to apply them in solving economic and environmental issues in Canada.

10. BIOE 2790 - Fluid Mechanics

Engineering and Information Technology Complex at the University of Manitoba.

To complete our list of 10 hardest courses at the University of Manitoba is the course Fluid Mechanics. This subject evolves from observing the behavior of fluids and putting them together in a mathematical formulation. If you're considering a degree in Biosystems Engineering, this course will teach you about fluid properties, hydrostatic forces, energy equation, Bernoulli's equation, buoyancy, open channel flow, control volumes, flow in closed conduits and kinematics of flow.

These 10 courses are challenging but if you're willing to learn them to get the degree you want, then study hard! Difficult courses can be tough, but with the right amount of effort and time, you'll get good grades. Don't be afraid of these 10 hardest courses. Face them with courage and you'll be blessed with confidence!


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