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10 of the Easiest Courses At UMBC

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Monica Obregon
23 Jun 2018
4 min read
A new school year is rapidly approaching, and students are trying to plan out their schedules for the upcoming semester. Established in 1966, the University of Maryland-Baltimore County is a post-secondary institution located in Catonsville, Maryland. UMBC emphasizes science, engineering, information technology, human services, and many more. Here are a few courses you can take at UMBC that can help boost your GPA if you’re having trouble deciding:

1. AFST 215 - Introduction to African Dance

This course offers an understanding of the role of dance in daily life in African societies. The relationship between movements and dance related to other arts will be studied. This is a picture of traditional african dance in class.

2. AMST 250 - Sports in American Culture

This course examines the role and structure of sports in AmericanAmerican culture and society. The following topics will be discussed;  business of sports, racism and sexism in sports, and the structure of high school and college sports. This is a picture of different sports equipment.

3. ECON 101 - Principles of Microeconomics

This is an introductory course to the Basic economic principles and their policy application. The topics covered are; value and price of a firm,  industry in different competitive situations, and income distribution. This is a picture of a Microeconomics textbook.

4. PHYS 105 - Ideas in Astronomy

This is an introductory course to the models and theories of the solar system, stars, and galaxies. Students also will  also study the history of astronomy. This is a picture of a galaxy in space.

5. AFST 347 - Gender, Race, and Media

This is a picture that says "gender, race & rights. This course examines how we define media and the formations of gender, race, and sexuality produced through various media outlets.These can   advertisements, commercials, television and film, music, and videos. 

6. DANC 115 - Jazz Dance

This class involves a high energy movements. Students will learn proper dance technique, correct body alignment, and stylistic development. At the end of the semester, all students will be required to participate in a concert. This is jazz dancing.

7. GWST 355 - The Sociology of Gender

This course introduces the key concepts sociologists have contributed to the study of gender. This class examines the origins and development of those concepts in the sociology of gender in the last three decades. These are the Signs for gender, men and women.

8. ART 211 - Visual Concepts II/Camera Vision

This class examines the creation of still images via a camera. Students will learn two-dimensional design, lighting,  and framing. Students will also be introduced to image manipulation. This is a picture of a camera.

9. BIOL 107 - Biology of Cancer

In this class, A killer disease i will be examined from a biological perspective. This course will evaluate current epidemiological, clinical and experimental research. This is a picture of DNA swirl.

10. CMPE 212 - Principles of Digital Design

This course introduces students to the science of digital design. The topics covered include: Boolean algebra; logic theorems; logic circuits and methods for their simplification. This is a picture of the process of design. These are  a variety of introduction courses that are offered at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. These are 10 of the easiest and most interesting classes that every student should consider. It will introduce you to a range of topics as well as boost your GPA.


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