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Ahh, college years. The perfect time to get a significant other. I myself unfortunately do not have one…yet. But here are some good ideas for your first date night at UMD as well as some not so good ideas.

Good Ideas

1. Sitting on McKeldin Mall

Especially by the reflecting fountain. It’s a nice place to sit and talk.

2. Taking a walk by Lake Artemesia

Absolutely gorgeous place for a first date. Just go for the scenery. Nice place for a first kiss as well!

3. Fountain by the Math Building

Also quite a popular place for first couples. Just don’t go when it’s snowing!

4. Bowling at Terpzone in Stamp

Nothing like having a good time while bowling right?

5. Eating at the restaurants at Route One

Taking someone out for dinner before popping the question. That’s never a bad idea. Just remember to pay the bill if you’re a guy!

Now for some not so good ideas…

Bad Ideas

6. Going to the Gym

No, just no. No one likes to smell your sweat on a first date or on any date. That’s a huge turn off.

7. Going to the Bar

This might be ok once you are boyfriend/girlfriend but certainly not on a first date. Getting drunk would not leave a good impression. And there’s a high chance if your date is a girl that other guys at the bar will hit on her. The last thing you want is to leave the bar without your date.

8. Doing the vertical tango

You barely know each other and you’re going to try that? Hell no!

9. Not doing anything

Big mistake. You’ll come off as cheap and boring.

10. Trying to get the other person drunk so you can do #8

Not only is this morally questionable and disgusting, it’s also illegal. Having sex with a person without their consent is rape. Don’t sink to that level.



Computer Science student at the University of Maryland. Bibliophile and enjoys trying new things and hanging out with friends.

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