Mckeldin mall

Studying in college is crucial to your academic success. But finding a place to study on campus isn’t easy! You need both a quiet and relaxing place to study. So here are 10 places on the UMD campus where you can study.

1. Mckeldin Mall

Ahh, yes. The grassy knolls of the center of campus is a great place to hit the books. Or if you don’t like sitting on grass, you could always sit by the long reflecting pool.

2. The Fountain by the Math Building

Nice and quiet. The bubbling of water may also help you concentrate.

3. CSPAC Library

There’s almost no one there and the arm chairs are super comfy. Easy to get lost studying though.

4. Mckeldin Library

With 7 floors to choose from, it’s hard not to find a place to study. You can take advantage of the study carrels but you’ll have to reserve them.

5. Hornbake Library

The lower floor has a giant room with rolling boards to draw diagrams on. Recommended for group study.

6. Physical Sciences Complex

Get there early or you won’t get a seat. But it’s nice to have a cafe right next to your study area.

7. E & M cafe

Subway and Taco Bell are right there. Easy lunch/dinner break and not very crowded.

8. Your dorm

This is if your roommate is not a complete dick and respects your privacy.

9. Outside the TA room

For CS majors only. You can grab help from the TAs on duty at any time. Great for cramming for the midterms. Be sure to get there early because that room gets crowded!

10. In the lecture hall

Get there early to get last minute preparations done. Sure you might be surrounded by a ton of your nervous classmates, but what choice do you have?



Computer Science student at the University of Maryland. Bibliophile and enjoys trying new things and hanging out with friends.

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