Please refer to the Department of Resident Life website for official instructions .

Campus dormitories are divided into a North and South Campus. Dormitory distribution is roughly that Engineering, Science and Life Science related professional students were in the North Campus, and humanities and business students mostly live in the South Campus. Campus Drive serves as a central axis to symbolically divide the campus into two.

The North Campus is divided into 3 communities: Cambridge, Ellicott and Denton. Denton Community is the furthest west of the school, the farthest away from the schoolhouse, which has Easton, Denton and Elkton three dormitory, which Denton Honor Program is a dedicated dormitory. The Ellicott Community, which includes Hagerstown, La Plata and Ellicott, spans the middle of the North restaurant, The Diner. The Cambridge Community is located in the east, and most of the College Park Scholars live in Cambridge, Cumberland, Centerville, Bel Air and Chestertown. The Community is the Cambridge Community Center, mostly College Park Scholars.

Cambridge Hall

The layout of the dormitory in the north is roughly the same. In addition to individual floors, the rest have a Lounge for students to entertain and learn together. The Social Lounge usually has a TV, a refrigerator and a microwave, while the Study Lounge needs to be quiet, especially during exams. Many students will choose to review together during examination week, or even study overnight. Of the 11 buildings, only Cumberland and La Plata have air conditioning. As a result, the rest of the buildings will be relatively uncomfortable in summer and early spring, but all floors will be heated in winter. According to changes in climate differences, it is recommended to live in the North quarters of the students to prepare a thick one thin two quilts. The dorms are mostly double rooms, each with a Twin Size bed (including a mattress), a five-drawer cupboard, a desk chair, and a Closet

1) Standard Single Room Dormitory

North quarters mostly have shared bathrooms, an average of 4 to 5 rooms per floor, and common area. In each bathroom,  there are washbasins, toilet and 3 or so shower rooms. Students need to bring their own toiletries. Each dormitory basement has a laundry room; the cost for using the washing machine is $ 1.50, and for the dryer  $ 1.25 for 60 minutes. All machines only accept change or Terp Express recharge. At the same time, students need to bring their own laundry liquid and fabric softener for the drier

2) Standard Double Room Hostel

Special note: North buildings are completely closed during  Thanksgiving and Spring Break. Students without travel plans need to contact the Resident Life office in person in advance to apply for temporary residence. 

The main living locations in South Campus are Leonardtown Community, North Hill Community and South Hill Community. Leonardtown contains apartments, each suite has 3 rooms, 1 kitchen, 1 washroom a common area, the kitchen has a refrigerator, each bedroom generally sleeps 2 people. Because there is a kitchen, students who live in Leonardtown can avoid using their Dining Plan. Leonardtown has a Community Center, where all the students can do laundry. The other two living communities in the South are organized  into suites without kitchens so all students eat at the South Dining Hall, using the school’s Dining Plan. South Campus rooms are air-conditioned and thus  slightly more comfortable than the North Campus. The location of the Lounge varies according to the structure of each building. Students living in South Campus buildings can stay in their residences during Thanksgiving and Spring Break.

3) Traditional Hall Triple

4) Traditional Quad Room

Of the more than 4,900 student rooms on campus, there are 443 triple and quad rooms on campus. Of the total of 9,244 housing spaces (beds) in 36 residence halls, 1,377 spaces (15% of total) are in triples and quads.

Most of the rooms in the residence halls (70%) are doubles to be shared by two students. About 15% of the rooms are singles, taken by upper-division students through a seniority system. Our newest housing type, the semi-suites located in Oakland Hall and Prince Frederick Hall, makes up about 9% of the room inventory.


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