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What does the word crazy mean? According to Merriam-Webster, it means “mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way.” While other campuses have their little quirks, we here at UMD have some serious issues…some are even life-threatening! Cutting straight to the chase, here are 10 crazy occurrences that only at UMD.

Crazy #1:  A guy getting hit with a baseball bat

This was due to a verbal altercation. Some guy just couldn’t take it anymore and went into his clavicle and took out a baseball bat. He then proceeded to chase the victim down the street and whack said victim upside the head with the baseball bat. The victim had to be transported to the local hospital in stable condition.

Crazy #2: The monthly UMD siren alert test

It happens on the first Wednesday of every month at 11:55 AM. Just imagine thinking about what you’re about to get for lunch at the food court. Just as you step forward to place your order, the UMD alarm goes off. What follows is one whole minute of ruptured ear drums as the wail pierces through every single building and being on campus. I’m all for safety, but this is ridiculous. And the worst part is they have to test it every single month.

#3: Paying Differential Tuition

Some genius at the University of Maryland decided that we weren’t paying enough tuition. Never mind that the average student is $30,000 in debt. What’s a few thousand more per semester? Let me tell you, it’s discrimination is what it is. Why? Because only Computer Scientists, Engineers and Entrepreneurs have to pay it. Basically, if you’re in a Limited Enrollment program, you’re gonna have to pay a bit more each semester. On the order of $1,500 more.

#4: Getting a negative balance on your billing statement

I was unfortunately one victim. After I paid my $8,000+ semester tuition which included the $1,500 differential tuition fee, the university sent me another email saying I had negative balance. What does that mean? It means UMD overcharged you and you can reclaim the amount they overcharged for. This is beyond stupid. Do the people at the UMD billing office not know how to do basic math? And why did it take them a month to notify me? I paid the bill in early August. It took until the middle of September for them to send me an email saying they owed me money.

#5: Professors who don’t know or can’t be bothered to teach

Why those professors are still here is beyond me. If you can’t teach then you shouldn’t be here. If you don’t want to teach, you shouldn’t be here. And worst of all, if you can’t teach and don’t want to teach, why the hell did you even apply for the job? Sadly, there are quite a few professors who are like this in every single department here at UMD.

#6: White Supremacist posters on campus

With the recent election of President Donald Trump, people feared a rise in white nationalism. And rightly so. Over the past semester at UMD, numerous posters have been found hanging in the Physics building and the Biology building as well as Cole Field House and the Clarice Performing Arts Center. The posters all carry a similar message of intolerance and the promotion of white supremacy. “It is your duty to report all illegal immigrants” read one. “Being white is not a crime”. Below each poster was a link to the American Vanguard, a white nationalist group.

#7: Race motivated murder on campus

At the end of May, national attention was focused once again on UMD where a black student from Bowie State was stabbed once in the chest by a white UMD student. The white student allegedly told the black student to “step aside if you know what’s good for you.” The aftermath of the murder promoted Wallace Loh to enact new policies aimed at preventing another hate crime incident from ever happening again. Sadly, it does not appear to have solved the situation.

#8: Random people who walk on campus at 3 in the morning

Apparently walking alone in the dead of night is good for the mind? That’s what my friend told me his roommate did sometimes. This was mostly during exam season when the stress was extremely high. His roommate would randomly get up in the middle of the night and leave the room to go walk around campus. He said it helped clear his mind.

#9: Gifts for Testudo

Getting gifts for your school mascot? Yeah well you haven’t seen the pile of offers donated by UMD students to the great God Testudo for help on exams. Everything from refrigerators to textbooks are offered. Don’t ask me why giving a statue a refrigerator can bring good luck.

#10: Classes with ridiculous curves

Yes, college is hard. But some classes don’t have to be thanks to the absolutely ridiculous curve offered. How does a 50% for an A sound? Doesn’t seem so bad until you consider a 30% is passing. What class is this? CMSC350. Yeah, the class is bonkers but the curve is generous.




Computer Science student at the University of Maryland. Bibliophile and enjoys trying new things and hanging out with friends.

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