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Tutoring Services at University of Maryland

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The University of Maryland is committed to helping its students achieve academic excellence. The university provides its students with many different tutoring and academic resources so its students can get the most out of their UMD experience. Keep reading this article to learn about some of these options.

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What tutoring services are offered at UMD?

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UMD has a wide variety of tutoring resources available to its students. One valuable resource is the Keystone Center where students can go to do homework, group projects, study, or use lab computers. Upper-level undergraduates and graduate students staff the center so they can help with any fundamental engineering and STEM-related questions you might have.

While math falls under this category, UMD has extra services for students who struggle with math. UMD has a Math Learning Specialist assists all UMD students taking any level math course; she informs students of math learning resources while also helping the students develop effect study strategies. In addition to the math specialist, there are also math workshops that take place throughout the semester. This allows students to further develop their math skills, study for exams, create a study plan, and get better results on your assignments.

UMD also provides students with free physics tutoring at the Slawsky Clinic. While it's usually for 100 and 200 level physics classes, the tutors at the clinic can help answer questions for other physics classes. These tutors include retired professors, scientists, and engineers.

The Writing Center, offered both online and in person, allows students to improve their writing, research, and critical thinking skills. Trained consultants help students throughout all the stages of the writing process. The Writing Center also provides free collaborations and workshops on various topics related to writing.

What are the main subjects students need tutoring in?

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There aren't necessarily common tutoring subjects since students just get help in what they're struggling with and this differs between students. However, it's safe to say that many students get tutors and outside assistance in the hardest classes offered at UMD.

How can you apply for tutoring?

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With the Internet, getting a tutor is the easiest it's ever been! Visit the UMD Tutoring Center to get more information on specific resources. That being said, there are many tutoring resources where all you need to do to get help is show up. Both the Keystone Center and the Slawsky Clinic operate on a walk-in, first-come-first-serve basis.

What about other online tutoring services?

If none of the above resources are helpful for you, definitely consider online tutoring. There are many online tutoring resources available but the best ones for UMD students are Janine the Tutor.

Janine the Tutor was specifically designed for students who need help with math and chemistry. They also have tutors available for ACT and SAT training for high school students. You can book a 5-min consultation on their website to see how they can assist you in your studies!

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College is an academic challenge, as its meant to be. However, with the help of tutors, it can be a little less of a challenge. Come back to this post whenever you need help and you're looking for a tutor!



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