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Eww, math???! I hate math! Well, even if you hate it, math is undeniably an incredibly useful course to take, In many cases, you have to take at least some kind of math in college. So why not make it somewhat enjoyable? Here are some interesting Mathematics/Statistics courses to take at UMD.

1. MATH140 – Calculus I

Basic Calculus 1 stuff that you probably took some version of or another in high school. Typically taken first semester freshman year. It can be boring or interesting depending on what professor you have.

2.  MATH141 – Calculus II

And this is Calculus 2. Definitely harder than Calculus 1. You’ll hate series and sequences by the end of the year when you just want to chill. But it can be a breeze if you have the right professor. There are lots of useful estimation tricks are introduced which can be useful in the real world.

3. MATH206 – Introduction to Matlab

A programming course plus math? Sign me up! This one credit course is one of the easiest in the department. Plus you get Justin who is a really chill guy who will do the projects for you if you have no idea what you are doing. Did I mention this course was online?

4. MATH240 – Introduction to Linear Algebra

Linear algebra is useful for CS majors which is why I am taking it. Plus it’s a nice break from calculus.

5. MATH241 – Calculus III

This course is on calculus III. You take everything you know in 2 dimensions and expand into 3 dimensions. Sometimes you won’t know what you are integrating. That’s ok because no one knows how to even draw it. You’ll have to use software. But it’s ok because you get some sick sounding theorems like Stokes theorem and the Divergence theorem.

6. MATH274 – History of Mathematics

This is the only math class that I don’t think involves any calculations. Instead, you learn about the history of how math developed, for the ancient Babylonians all the way up to Leibniz and Newton and beyond.

7. STAT400 – Applied Probability and Statistics I

The introduction to Applied Statistics and Probability is a useful course because so much for the real world could do with some statistics. Not much calculus is required.

8. STAT401 – Applied Probability and Statistics II

The second part of Applied Statistics and Probability. Even more relevant stuff since now you’ll talk about confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. No one can claim anything without you going, “Let me see if this is statistically valid!”

9. STAT430 – Introduction to Statistical Computing with SAS

Another math program. But hey, it’s useful for handling large data sets and what not. Plus you’ll get a handle on how statisticians use big data.

10. STAT440 – Sampling Theory

This class is all about sampling. How do you get a truly random sample? When is a sample size large enough for your results to be statistically valid?

Above are some interesting math classes you can take at the University of Maryland. Hope you will find the one that you enjoy! Also you could find textbook solutions here for all your Math Courses!



Computer Science student at the University of Maryland. Bibliophile and enjoys trying new things and hanging out with friends.

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