We all know college can be challenging. Some days, you just need a little break from it all. For when you’re feeling down, the last thing you want to have on your mind is how much of a failure you seem to be. But taking these classes might just cheer you up!

1. GVPT289I-Race and Politics in the Obama Era

When I took this class in the Fall of 2015, President Obama was still in office. But even if Trump is in office now, that doesn’t mean this course is now irrelevant! On the contrary, it is needed more than ever in light of the current racial tensions. You’ll explore the topic of race relations as it relates to current events. You’ll explore how President Obama won broad support from a coalition of Americans, not just the Black vote. And you’ll answer the question, “are we living in a post racial society?” This course is fascinating and not a whole lot of work. The only work you’ll put in consists of two papers and a final presentation. Not bad for a 3 credit class!

2. ENES140-Foundations of Entrepreneurship

Probably the easiest class ever in the history of this university. It’s an online course so you never actually meet the professor. Everything is auto-graded based on word count so if the prompt tells you to write 100 words on blah blah blah, just give it your mom’s cookie recipe! The quizzes are the only things that are actually graded for accuracy, but it’s easy enough to do decently on them. Just Google everything.

3. MATH206- Introduction to Matlab

This one credit course is supposed to teach you Matlab, another programming language used by engineers and scientists. But you’re probably here to pad your GPA instead. It’s entirely online and the class only meets for two months ending right before Halloween. You get 4 projects to do and something like 2 weeks to do each. It’s very manageable especially since the TA will do the project for you if you bother him enough.

4. CMSC289I-Rise of the Machines

You will actually have to do some work in this class, but it consists of only a few short homework assignments. The professor is incredibly nice and gives you ample time (somewhere like 2 weeks) to do them and he’ll go over the answers with you during office hours just to be sure you got them correct. To top it off, the course is extremely useful for CS students looking to go into AI since you get a glimpse of the topics explored in this class. There is a massive curve at the end to help those who are not in the CS major although nothing is assumed beyond high school algebra.

5. INAG110-Oral Communication

A grammar class, this is not. This is a required class-either take this or COMM107. This class is far better. You don’t do anything but stand up and talk to people. Hardly intimidating. 4 speeches and no writing involved.

6. CPSS100-Science, Technology,Society Colloquium 1

An introduction to Science, Technology, Society-also known as STS. Very easy class. Maybe a short paragraph on what the week’s readings are about. And you don’t even get them every week. One of the assignments consisted of taking a trip to Washington DC to see the various museums and art exhibits. Unfortunately only open to those in STS.

7. CPSS101-Science, Technology,Society Colloquium 2

Part 2 of the above. You get some practical life advice like how to prepare for an interview and how to write a resume.

8. CPSS225-STS Practicum

The culmination of the previous 2 years of STS research, you will need to develop an idea that incorporates STS. The whole semester revolves around preparing you for the final presentation of your poster. Very relaxed class and not too much work despite what the name might imply.

9. CPSS240-Robotics Service Learning

This is a really fun class where you get to play with robots! You are divided into groups of three to four and then sent to various elementary, middle and high schools in PG county. The high schools are tasked with going into the FIRST Robotics competition and it was really fun preparing them for it. This class involves little homework aside from a final presentation and two reflection papers.

10. EDHD 400-Introduction to Gerontology

Sadly, this course is not offered every semester to my knowledge. But it’s a very easy course that is 3 credits. Everything is massively curved and attending class actually counts as a large part of the grade. No wonder 97% of people get A’s.






Computer Science student at the University of Maryland. Bibliophile and enjoys trying new things and hanging out with friends.

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