UMD is a very competitive school for any of the major sciences be it physics, astronomy, chemistry or biology. Here are 10 of many science classes you can take here at UMD.

1. CHEM131-Fundamentals of General Chemistry

This is the first course in a four part series designed for people majoring in other sciences. It provides an overview of the periodic table,  inorganic substances, ionic and covalent bonding, bulk properties of materials, chemical equilibrium, and quantitative chemistry.

2. CHEM132-General Chemistry I Lab

The lab portion of the course. It’s 3 hours long. From the course description: “Introduction to the quantification of chemical substances, including the concept of the mole and chemical stoichiometry. Additional work involves the synthesis of ionic substances and their qualitative characterization.”

3. CHEM134-Chemical Principles for Engineering

Useful stuff for engineers needing an overview of chemistry. It is an introduction to polymers and the ideal gas laws.

 4. ASTR100-Introduction to Astronomy

Good for non majors who want to learn about the universe. Topics include the Sun, Moon, planets, stars, and nebulae, galaxies, and evolution of the Universe.

5. ASTR121-Introduction to Astrophysics

For students majoring in astronomy or with a strong interest in science. It includes instrumentation, stellar properties, stellar evolution, structure of the galaxy, other galaxies, large scale structure, Big Bang Theory, and future of the universe.

6. ASTR220-Collisions in Space – The Threat of Asteroid Impacts

If you were ever worried about asteroids potentially hitting the Earth, this is the course for you! You’ll explore the possibility of asteroid impacts, what one could do to the Earth, and what ways we have of stopping such an occurrence.

7. ASTR230-The Science and Fiction of Planetary Systems

Ever wonder if humans could ever live on Mars? Well take this class and find out if that’s possible or just one big lie! You’ll find out how planets form and what it takes to sustain life. Are we the only planet that supports life?

8. PHYS165-Introduction to Programming in the Physical Sciences

Physics does have a programming aspect to it believe it or not. But you won’t have to worry about machine level languages. You’ll be working in high-level languages like C++ and Java. Examples will be from physics so there will still be some relevance.

9. PHYS171-Mechanics and Relativity

First semester course for physics majors. You’ll explore Newtonian mechanics, the ideal gas law, and general relativity.

10. PHYS371-Modern Physics

Everything from 1905 onwards is considered modern physics. You’ll explore special relativity (again) , thermodynamics, and quantum mechanics at the intermediate level.


These 10 classes are just a small sampling of the kinds of science courses UMD offers. So if you like to wonder about natural phenomena, consider majoring in one of the hard sciences here at UMD!


Computer Science student at the University of Maryland. Bibliophile and enjoys trying new things and hanging out with friends.

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