Every college campus has a different sense of campus life. From traditions to just known facts, here are 20 things you only understand if you go to University of Maryland:

1. It’s always leg day.


Since Maryland has a very big college campus, sometimes your classes can be on the other side of campus from you dorm room. Throughout the day you will most likely do a lot of walking. At least we have the nicest calves around.

2. Make sure you rub Testudo’s nose.


Testudo’s nose will always give you luck. You always see many students rub his nose while walking by the statute. In Testudo we trust.

3. Testudo sacrifices must be made in order to do well during finals.

This is a tradition that has been at UMD for years. Whether it is a couch or an apple, many students always bring their sacrifices to Testudo for luck during finals week.

4. Terps love free stuff.

You will always find a lot of UMD students crowding places that are giving out free items, especially free gear and items at UMD games.

5. Chipotle always has a long line.

Chipotle is one of the most popular off campus places to go eat at. So whenever you go, you will most likely always see a long line.

6. UMD’s wifi must be very insecure at the fact that it never works.

Oh, “UMD Secure.” The wifi that just decides to disconnect whenever it feels like it.

7. You are a little jealous of the mopeds that all athletes get.

If only we all had mopeds…

8. Campus in the fall is beautiful. 

All of the trees make the campus look beautiful in the fall. One more reason to love UMD.

9. You have jumped into the Mall fountain. 

Everyone takes a dip one time or another.

10. Avoid the Point of Failure at all costs.

You will see students walk around this point everyday. This spot has lines that point to where the old buildings of the university once stood before the fire in 1912. It is said that if you step on the Point of Failure, you won’t graduate in four years. Most students don’t want to risk it. Do you?

11. The Maryland Dairy has the best ice cream.

Maryland Dairy has the best ice cream hands down. Don’t believe it? Go try it for yourself. The Maryland Dairy is located in Stamp on campus.

12. Getting fresh cookies every day is probably the best thing about the diner.

Now, there is a lot of negative feelings towards the diner. But, at least we have the cookies, right?

13. You know you’re blessed when your dorm room has AC. 

You will never take air conditioning for granted ever again.

14. If you don’t know the Maryland Fight Song then do you even really go to Maryland?


Now we just need to all learn the Alma Mater.

15. Trying to get under the big Maryland flag at UMD games. 

Another classic tradition at UMD. I mean, Maryland does have the best state flag.

16. Newspapers up during basketball games.

We make sure that the opposing teams know that they are old news.

17. We all have the NextBus app.

This app is always helpful when trying to figure out when the next bus will come.

18. You have a ton of Maryland gear.

You can just never have too much UMD pride.

19. Everyone is always losing their keys or swipe cards.


We all know it’s true. We also have proof from the thousands of Facebook posts about it in UMD groups.

20. UMD is the best university with the best school spirit!


All fellow Terps know that UMD is the best. Fear the Turtle.

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