The University of Maryland is a world renowned university in many of the sciences like Computer Science and Physics as well as Engineering and Business. It should come as no surprise that many of the hardest classes are in those fields, but some may surprise you! Here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at University of Maryland!

1. CMSC131 – Introduction to Object Oriented Programming I

While not a difficult class in terms of content, it will be challenging at least for the first few weeks if you have absolutely no programming experience. Luckily, all of the professors understand this and try to keep the workload manageable and the pace slow so that everyone can succeed. Programming projects are a joke since the TAs will literally do the project for you if you have no clue what you are doing. If you know some programming though, this class may be too easy for you…

2. CMSC132 – Introduction to Object Oriented Programming II

The second part of the course that you take after you pass 131, this course will reduce you to tears if you happen to be placed with one of the worst professors to teach at this university. From his strange obsession with llamas to his condescending tone in class to his strange mannerisms around female students and his inaccessibility via anything other than office hours (and he only has a one hour window), this class will be a nightmare. That is, it would be a nightmare if you could manage to stay awake…the man has a tendency to put the class to sleep within half an hour. God help you if you are have to take this class and the other professor is full (everyone wants his class to get away from this man).

3. CMSC250 – Discrete Structures

This is a programming course with no programming in it! That’s right! Instead of coding, you do math! Why this is not in the math department I have no idea, but it’s here to stay so you might as well get used to it. Taught by one of the youngest professors I have ever had the experience to be lectured to, the class is fun and interesting. He also goes off on random tangents about American politics and how corrupt and horrible his country (Greece) is. The concepts are challenging if you have a weak background in mathematics so brush up on those fractions and series/sequences ASAP.

4. CMSC216 – Introduction to Computer Systems

The same terrible guy who teaches 132 strikes again! Except now you can’t choose another professor because he is the only one who teaches it! Combine his terrible, monotone lecture style with the difficulty of learning Assembly with C and you’ll be dreaming in Assembly in your nightmares.

5. MATH140 – Calculus I

Not difficult as much as it is fast-paced. Probably the first math course in college for freshmen, many will be unprepared for the rigors of college. It’s not like you can spend a week on where the derivative comes from after all. Hope you can take notes on the fly because this class will go go go!

6. MATH141 – Calculus II

A major departure from 140, 141 will push your mathematics skills to the limit. Not only will you be required to remember all the derivatives and integrals from Calc I, you will have to apply them to formulas that can help you integrate some nasty looking functions via Integration by Parts. You definitely need to think outside the box for some of the problems. And don’t get me started on the last chapter that everyone hates…Sequences and Series. You will struggle trying to memorize which of the 10 tests to apply to a particular series to determine convergence. Best described as a class you should place out of using either AP credit or an exemption exam.

7. MATH241 – Calculus III

Imagine having to remember most everything from Calc I and II and applying them to objects you can’t even visualize. Yes, that’s essentially what Calc III is. This is also the first math class where the professor doesn’t give homework that is graded. There are only suggested problems for you to do. While this may lull you into not doing the problems, please do them! They will save you since most of the problems on the test are similar to the practice problems for “homework”.  It probably doesn’t help that the professors all rush through the first three units to get to the last one or that each unit builds on the last (except for the second unit on partial derivatives). You’re confused about something? Ask now before tomorrow’s lecture leaves you even more confused.

8. STAT400 – Introduction to Statistics and Probability

This class is not very hard content-wise. What is hard is the teacher’s command of the English language. Hard to understand that is. Try to work ahead and you get penalized for it. Go at a snail’s pace with her and risk not learning anything. If your GPA is too high and you want to lower it by proving just how smart you really are, take Stat400 with the Russian lady. You will not be disappointed.

9. PHYS260 – Vibrations, Waves, Heat, Electricity and Magnetism

An already difficult class made even more unbearable by one of the worst reviewed professors at UMD. Forget everything you’re going to learn today because first you’re going to review the past five lectures. Then after that it’s onto the formulas where complicated derivations abound (though it is a complete waste of time since you won’t be required to know where any of the formulas come from).  Luckily the curve is pretty generous so you’ll probably make it out in one piece having learned absolutely nothing.

10. BMGT221 – Managerial Accounting

Finally, we have a business class. God help you if you’re a business major and have to take this class since the only professor who teaches it doesn’t actually teach anything until the last quarter of the class. He fills the rest of his time with whatever jumps into his mind. So if you wanted a lecture in politics from a business professor about how terrible Donald Trump is, take his class. Don’t expect a lot of people to keep you company…50% make it past the second week.



Computer Science student at the University of Maryland. Bibliophile and enjoys trying new things and hanging out with friends.

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