Who said college had to be difficult? If you are looking to take a breather or if you need a GPA booster, here are 10 of the Easiest Classes at University of Maryland!

1. CMSC289 – Rise of the Machines

It’s not often you have both an amazing teacher and an interesting (and easy) class. But Dr. Reggia has managed to do just that. From the calm voice that assures you everything will be fine to the massive curves on the two tests he gives (Midterm and final were curved so that a 60 was a B), he is one guy that you will sorely miss when the time comes to say goodbye. Contrary to belief, this easy class is actually really useful for CS majors wanting to explore artificial intelligence as it explores what it means for something to be intelligent and the ethics of making artificial intelligence that would be able to learn.

2. ASTR230 – Science and Fiction of Planetary Systems

How about a week of watching science fiction movies like Star Wars and the Martian while eating popcorn and laughing at how ridiculous Hollywood is with their portrayal of gravity? If so, Dr. Peel and ASTR230 are for you. You will learn what the movies get wrong, what they get right, and at the end of the semester, you will be able to create your own fictional world with all the knowledge that you have learned. Homework is pretty light and there is ample time to do them all.

3. MATH206 – Introduction to Matlab

This is a one credit online programming course using Matlab. Just read the pdfs Justin provides and you will be fine. If you don’t understand how to do something, the TAs will do the projects for you. And there are only 3! Easiest credits to earn ever for a class that only lasts 2 months.

4. ENES140 – Discovering New Ventures: Foundations in Entrepreneurship

There’s a reason why this class has a waitlist stretching a mile long. This is perhaps the easiest three credits you will ever earn at UMD. There are required readings, but no one reads them because the professor only grades the quizzes. The fact that it’s entirely online makes helping on the quizzes incredibly easy. You can literally google the questions and the answers will pop up.

5. CPSS100 – Science, Technology & Society First-Year Colloquium I

Basically your introduction to college life and the Scholar’s program. Dr. Tomblin is incredibly flexible and chill. You maybe get homework once every two weeks and the homework is basically reading an article and telling what you think about it. The final project is a group project that is really fun to do. There is also a scavenger hunt at the beginning of the semester where you go to DC and have some fun with your classmates finding stuff. Great way to build lasting friendships.

6. CPSS225 – College Park Scholars Capstone: Science, Technology, and Society

You actually do work in this class which kinda sucks, but the workload is manageable. Most of it is related to your capstone project where you pick a topic and explain how the science, technological and societal aspects all work together. Fascinating class where you talk about everything from razor blades to Donald Trump.

7. CPSS101 – Science, Technology & Society First-Year Colloquium II

Continuation of first semester with some useful stuff baked in. The first few weeks are dedicated to job searching and building a resume. It’s actually quite useful for those wanting to earn some extra money in college. You still get homework once every two weeks or so and it’s honestly impossible to fail. Don’t try because you really can’t.

8. CPSS240 – College Park Scholars: Science, Technology & Society – Service-Learning Practicum

If community service gets you excited, take this class. If it doesn’t, still take this class because Matt is awesome. Basically you help elementary, middle or high school students build robots with Lego Mindstorm or help manage a robotics competition. Your major probably will help here especially if you’re CS or engineering because FIRST robotics is actually quite intense. There is a lot of writing in this class as you write out plans for the week, and at the end, there is a major research paper that you have to write that is 6-8 pages long. Matt is really reasonable and gives you a month to write the paper so it’s easily doable.

9. GVPT289I – Racial and Ethnic Politics in the Obama Era

Nice class to take if you like to go on political rants. There are two papers that you have to write. They are about two topics that you can choose. There are also two multiple choice quizzes that are 5 questions long as well as bonus trivia. Funny the nostalgia everyone has for Obama now that Donald Trump is President huh? You end the class by having a 20 minute presentation that answers the question, “Are we in a post racial society?” Just say “No!” and cite your evidence.

10. Ling240 – Introduction to Linguistics

There is a lot of work involved actually, but Dr. Antonisse is a really nice teacher. You get homework once a week and online quizzes once a month. She even let’s you take them again if you didn’t like your score the first time. Linguistics deals language so you get to learn all sorts of interesting things like why we have language and how does it develop.



Computer Science student at the University of Maryland. Bibliophile and enjoys trying new things and hanging out with friends.

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