Whether you’re a psychology major or you just want to take an interesting class as an elective, you really can’t go wrong with PYSC100 at UMD. The introductory course in psychology, it will prove to be refreshing even if you’ve taken AP Psychology before. Here are 5 reasons why you should take PYSC100 at UMD.

1. Common sense reasoning


Don’t you wish college classes were based on this kind of logic? If someone where to ask you on an exam, “Bob is feeling very sad. He doesn’t want to go out and play. He has no friends. What medical condition does Bob have?” how would you respond? Well, Bob clearly has depression. There, you just got a few points on your exam. No funny mind tricks to play, just common sense reasoning. If you don’t want to think and you like to go with your gut instinct, this is the class for you!

2. Learn how to diagnose mental disorders


There will be a unit later on in the semester where you will learn about the various mental disorders such as schizophrenia. You will learn how to recognize a schizophrenic by the way the person acts, what they say, etc. This may one day save your life and the lives of people around you. Many of the most heinous crimes of mass murder were committed by schizophrenics who didn’t get help in time. If you know the signs, maybe you can help prevent another tragedy.

3. Extra Credit


Officially, the University of Maryland does not allow extra credit. But often, the university turns a blind eye to professors who choose to do so. As long as the students don’t complain (and who would?), the professor is free to do whatever he wants. Professor Curtis gives loads of extra credit in PSYC100. One of them involves finding his office for a bonus 5 points on a test. If you’re behind in the class, the extra credit may just help you pass the class!

4. Ryan Curtis


This professor is legendary at the university for his dedication to his students and enthusiasm for psychology. As a former student put it in her review, “He’s honestly one of the better teachers I had freshman year. He does a great job being prepared for class, he uses a variety of methods to convey the information, and he honestly loves the subject. I’m sure psych majors consider him incredible because he truly knows and loves his material. But, for the average Gen-ed satisfying student, he’s just a pretty good teacher.” One of his best traits though is that he’s a reasonable person. Nobody can claim he’s a jerk or unreasonable. He’s strict, honest, and professional. The comments about him being condescending are slightly true, but for the most part that’s just people being nit picky.

5. You’re constantly interested


Dr. Curtis makes it his goal to keep even the most knowledgeable of psychology students on their toes with interesting material. And boy, does he deliver. Do you think you know everything there is to know about eating disorders? Well did you know that parental influence has a lot to do with it? This influence is manifested and shaped by a variety of diverse factors such as familial genetic predisposition, dietary choices as dictated by cultural or ethnic preferences, the parents’ own body shape and eating patterns, the degree of involvement and expectations of their children’s eating behavior as well as the interpersonal relationship of parent and child. Ha, bet you didn’t know that! See, you’ll never get bored because you can’t possibly know everything there is to know.

Psychology is a fascinating field of study full of mystery and intrigue. Where better to study it than the University of Maryland? UMD is currently ranked number 39 in the nation for psychology so you know you’re getting a good education even if it isn’t be best. And what do you get for being rank 39? How about an awesome class with an awesome teacher who constantly wants you to be your very best and will give you ample opportunities to do so? That doesn’t sound half bad!


Benjamin Mao

Computer Science student at the University of Maryland. Bibliophile and enjoys trying new things and hanging out with friends.

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