Smartphone are ubiquitous nowadays which everyone and their mother having one. There are tons of apps you can download on them like games, productivity, and news. Some apps help you get where you need to go. Some apps can save your life. Here are 5 apps every Terp should have.

1. UMD Guardian


This app can quite literally save your life. Imagine walking across campus alone at night. A suspicious person is following you. He gets closer. He’s right behind you. What do you do? With the UMD Guardian, you no longer have to be afraid of being alone in the dark. The UMD Guardian app enhances safety on campus through real-time, interactive features that create a virtual safety network of friends, family and UMPD. It is designed to give UMD students, faculty and staff rapid and proactive communications with UMPD, friends, family and co-workers, and even 911 in the event of an emergency.

2. TerpNav


Are you lost on campus? Does Google Maps not have the building you need to go to? TerpNav is here to help! This student designed app lets you plot trips between buildings on campus. It can tell you the time it takes and how much you’ll have to walk to get there. The app itself is fairly bare bones but it works! You’ll never be lost again!

3. UMD NextBus


This app is modeled after the Metro app. It tells you the estimated arrival time of the UMD buses and shuttles. While you could just take the Metro bus to get around campus, why would you? The recent fare hike makes it a $2 investment every time you ride. The UMD bus is free for students. The app makes it so you’ll never miss the UMD bus for your free rides!

4. Diamondback Newspaper


Do you love the award winning Diamondback Newspaper? Well now there’s an app for it! Browse the entire archive of stories right on your phone! You can even download stories so you can view them without an internet connection. Pretty neat right? It’s a cool tool to catch up on all the latest buzz from UMD!

5. UMD Social Scheduler


This app is awesome because it links your schedule to your Facebook account and shows you who you have class with. So long, texting your schedule to all of your friends only to find out you have nothing together! UMD Social Scheduler even uses your Maps app to tell you how far away you are from each of your classes. If you’re forced to take a class, why not suffer through it with a friend? With this app, you can!


There are some apps people have at every college campus, such as Yik Yak and Tinder. But the following apps are particularly useful to University of Maryland students. With UMD Guardian, you never have to be alone again. With the TerpNav app, you’ll never forget how to get to a particular building on campus. With the NextBus app, you’ll never miss the bus to take to get to your next class. And the Social Scheduler makes it so all the classes you have to suffer through won’t be such a chore!



Benjamin Mao

Computer Science student at the University of Maryland. Bibliophile and enjoys trying new things and hanging out with friends.

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