Nearly every single day, something happens at UMD. Whether it’s an armed robbery or assault there’s always something going on either on or near campus. UMD is in fact one of the top 50 worst colleges to go to in terms of safety. Here are 5 tips to keep yourself safe if you are at or thinking about going to the University of Maryland.

1. UMD Guardian App


This app may save your life in an emergency situation. Just download it and select contacts to track your journey. Then select a destination and your contacts will be able to virtually walk you there. If something should happen along the way, there is an SOS button that when pressed will connect you with the UMPD. You can also record video or take pictures of the area around you. Hey, if you’re walking alone at night, you might just need this!

2. Walking Escort

Whoever said there is safety in numbers definitely did their homework! If you aren’t feeling safe at night, you can always request a walking escort. Someone will come down from UMPD to where you are and walk you to where you need to go. It’s a lot safer than getting mugged or worse because you were walking across a dark parking lot at night. The best part about the service is that it is free to use!

3.  Know where the Blue Emergency phones are


There are dozens of blue emergency phones all around campus. What is their purpose? They’re there to help ensure you can always get help anywhere on campus. If you feel like you are in a dangerous situation, you can go to an emergency phone and request someone to come and help you. There is a button for dialing 911 as well if your life is in danger.

4. Buy Pepper spray


Pepper spray is useful for fighting off an attacker. If you are walking alone a night and you suddenly get grabbed from behind, you can break free by using pepper spray. All UMD convenience stores sell this item for cheap so there’s no excuse not to get it! It could mean the difference between fighting off a would be rapist and being his next victim!

5. Know your way around UMD


If something happens to the right of the Stamp Student Union, you do not want to go there! Some students may only know the buildings on campus where they live, eat, and attend classes, but that’s a mistake. All students should make an effort to learn alternative routes, so they can navigate the campus with ease. If you ever feel uncomfortable walking on campus, take a well-lit route to your destination. You should know know different paths to your final destination in case of an emergency.


College campus safety is a big issue. You can probably think of several instances in the last few years when campus safety issues were in the news. The good news is that most college campuses take the safety of their students very seriously. Here at UMD, there are services such as the walking escort to make sure you arrive at your destination safely. If you are in trouble, you can find one of the dozens of emergency phones on campus to get help. And if you are in immediate danger, there’s always pepper spray. Hopefully these tips will keep you safe at UMD!


Benjamin Mao

Computer Science student at the University of Maryland. Bibliophile and enjoys trying new things and hanging out with friends.

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