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Better check your schedule to make sure you’re not stuck with one of these teachers!

1. Laurence “Larry” Herman

Disclaimer: I understand that many like his style; he’s very clear on course expectations, covers almost all content in class, and is a good programmer, conveying concepts clearly and effectively.
STILL: He’s boring. Beyond monotonous and un-engaging. I know that sounds like a me problem, but it’s nigh impossible to focus on him for the whole 90-ish minutes, and so many times the tested material is in the small details of what he says, or the tools/materials he explains briefly – and then you find yourself playing catch up.
Also – always changing project requirements, sometimes to the last day or so. He jokes that this is the only class you should worry about in your semester, but it’s painfully true – projects are a pain in the ass if you don’t start right away and know what you’re doing each time.

2. Theodore Reinhart

Do not take this course unless you have a strong background in java script or some other coding language. He teaches as if the material is common sense and is often times sarcastic and obnoxious when students do not understand or ask questions. He also has said multiple times he does not care about your grades, so don’t ask him about them. First exam was fair, we were given a study guide and the material was pretty straight forward. The second exam, he claimed that we had done enough examples in class and a study guide was unnecessary.

3. Frances Gulick

Thank God this lady retired recently. She was plain awful. First of all, she’s condescending which doesn’t help because you need to ask for help to learn the material. Then she acts up because she expects you to understand the material and she freaks when you don’t. Don’t be fooled by her old age. She’s the devil.

4. Michael Boyle

Have you ever had a teacher that was so hopeless that you’ve wanted to teach yourself? Well Michael Boyle may be your motivation. He doesn’t like to go over examples, not because he doesn’t have time, but rather because he admits he has no idea how to solve them.

5. Mikhail Dolbilov

This class was a complete mystery the whole time. So I knew NOTHING about Russian history, and the way he teaches the class is like you know the stuff already (which gets me cause there were not prerequisites). Anyways, I spent most of the class lost, but by reading up on the stuff he said a little i was able to get a B??? How: He is a VERY easy grader! LOVE HIM!!! lol
So my recommendation is if you need a class like this take it with him because you will more than likely be satisfied with your grade…maybe not the class…but DEFINITELY your grade.

6. Theodore Kirkpatrick

Very bad lecturer and professor in general. Spends the first 20 minutes of every lecture giving a terrible recap of all of the information from the previous 5 lectures and gets absolutely nowhere. Handwriting is atrocious and is hard to read even at the front of the room. Hard to understand in a large lecture as well. He does nothing but derivations which are nearly impossible to follow and his examples are equally if not more hard to follow because he literally makes them up as he goes. By the far the worst professor I have had thus far and do not recommend at all. Theodore, your grading system is awful as well. There’s no way to tell if you are passing until the end of the semester when it’s too late to fix anything.

7. Natalia Tchetcherina

Unlike most professors on this list, Natalia isn’t all that bad. Her accent is just hard to understand. But she is extremely nice. Can’t teach, but really nice. I mean she gave us back 20 points on midterm two because a lot of people failed.

8. Greg Pfeiffer

Ever had a professor mix politics into a class? How about nothing but politics…how about talk about anything but your class? For some reason, unlike financial accounting, I found managerial accounting to be dryer than Antarctica. Who knows why, all I know is that it was a drag. But what didn’t help was Professor Pfeiffer. Now, unlike some of his detractors, I didn’t find him to be a particularly bad person. He just wasn’t very good at teaching. At the start of the semester, he’d go on never ending rants about whatever topic was on his mind at the time. It was the fall of 2011, so naturally politics were on his mind a lot. I think he’s actually a bit centrist but he really had nothing nice to say about the GOP and made that clear.

9. Villanueva

Don’t know the first name, don’t want to be bothered to know. This professor is as bad as it gets. Forget about not teaching the material….she tells you the wrong kind of material! “CALCIUM CHLORIDE IS COVALENT.” “WATER IS IONIC, THAT’S WHY IT DISSOLVES SALTS.” Yeah, not the last time I checked.

10. Nick Feamster

The only professors that other professors criticize…yeah, he’s the one. He’s a professor at Georgia Tech. He moved up here and joined our department and was given a prestigious position.
Tseng was originally supposed to teach all sections of 330 that semester (he’s been the main teacher of the course for almost all sections for the past several years) but had a personal emergency right before the semester and so the department gave the course to Larry Herman and Nick Feamster.
Feamster refused to do any work for the course outside lecturing, which suited Herman fine, as Herman’s a control freak. Herman also refused to let the TAs even review the projects beforehand. All projects were brand new, the first OCaml project was ridiculous in the amount of work required. Anyone asking a question about the course was directed to talk to Herman or one of the TAs. He wanted nothing to do with it.
No syllabus until after the add/drop date, and professors refused to comment on what would be expected. Office hours weren’t posted until a week after that. Nick Feamster ignored time-sensitive emails and was a condescending arrogant fuck in his responses to students. I had to send him an email twice and finally had to ask Herman on Piazza what was going on with him because he hadn’t responded after a week of waiting for a response. He was consistently late to lecture and regularly ended early. He also was rarely prepared for lecture, frequent pauses, giving incorrect information, etc.
He also regularly skipped his office hours, which were convenient enough, they were directly after his lecture.
Halfway through the semester he apparently had a lot of issues with the department so he started making plans to teach at Georgia Tech again the following semester. He’s the only professor I’ve ever heard other professors criticize.
He should never have been allowed his old job back at Georgia Tech.



Computer Science student at the University of Maryland. Bibliophile and enjoys trying new things and hanging out with friends.

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