This course is an one credit, pass fail course that meets once a week inside a residential hall rather than an academic building. So cozy! (even better if you bring tea or coffee). This course is a requirement for anyone who wants to become an RA or PM (Peer Mentor).



What is the workload like?

This course meets only one every week, is mostly activity and discussion based. Every class there is a one page assignment due that is mostly self reflections or to think about the best ways to react to a situation.

What do you learn?

You learn a lot more than just how to be an RA: a lot of ice breaker games, how to create an inclusive environment, how to support people in exploring their identities, and more.

What is the job like?

This course is taken during the application process, and you don’t find out until after the add/drop period is over if you got hired or not. Although this can be discouraging, it is also not a big deal. Anyone who isn’t hired right away, can be put into the applicant pool. You won’t start your placement until after you are hired.

When is the most fun class?

The most fun class is the last class, when your instructors (an RD and an RA) will get real, and tell funny stories about their own experience as an RA, times they embarrassed themselves in front of residents, and the real down and dirty downsides of being an RA or PM. You’ll also hear other silly res life stories like What its like to live in the dorms during training

Overall, this is a great course to take! Being an RA or PM means keeping people in residents hall safe, helping people succeed in classes, and finding their place on this huge campus.  Being an RA also comes with a stipend as well as a waiver for the cost of your room (a double you get to yourself). If you don’t get the job, this class is still great for learning life skills like learning about finding yourself, inclusion, developing your writing skills, and even just to get an easy credit.


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