Being a full-time college student isn’t always a fun thing. There’s so much school work to do, you have to find the energy to get to class, and it’s the start of adulthood time management. On top of that, you could have guy problems with someone you hooked up with from Tinder. Or maybe not knowing what you want to major in is causing way more stress on top of all you already have. Many things just don’t work out. Sometimes you really want to punch someone in the face because they’re being annoying or rude. Well, don’t do that. Here are some tips to live your A1 stress-free life to make the best out of your college years.

Give yourself little notes of appreciation to get through the day.

It may be hard to do your school work, but as a starting point, you can tell yourself that you can do it. In all honesty, being able to reward yourself with such enlightenment helps a lot when you’re in need of a little praise to get work done. You can write inspirational quotes on post-its to stick on your wall so that every time you look at the wall, you’ll feel inspired to get things done. Or you can write messages on blackboards, dry erase boards, … you could even get posters to put on your wall!

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Talk to someone.

As long as you have a friend to talk to, you’ll feel a hundred times better because they’ll be listening to you and you only. Being stressed out is the last thing you want on your list, you need to relax.

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Find something to do that comforts you and gets your mind off things.

Most people enjoy a lot of retail therapy. Even though it requires spending money, which can be stressful in itself, it helps to get your mind off of things. Instead of thinking about all that school work, your mind is thinking about what you want to buy or do next. Others also like to travel to get rid of any regretful feelings from the weekend (most college students would agree that they’ve probably done something bad that they regret).

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Play puzzle games to help you relax.

This might sound crazy but it helps a TON. People have mentioned the game 2048 which is a number matching game and the goal is to get to the combined square of 2048. Puzzle games also have a great aesthetic because of the colors, the movement and it’s good for the brain. Another suggestion is Bejeweled or Chuzzle.

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Keep a planner.

Keeping a planner at all times helps you keep up with your life! You can easily know what days are busy with school stuff or free for you to go out and have fun. Knowing what your schedule looks like after planning for events and homework that needs to be done, leaves you stress-free. If you’re not the type to have a planner, you most likely should. You’ll benefit from logging in events on your calendar and making sure that you never forget what’s going on for the next few weeks!

College is a stressful time for all of us, especially when exams hit. You can even use your own ways of reducing stress! These were just a few examples to live a stress-free life. Don’t forget to also have the time of your life while you’re in school. It’s only going to last a little while, and then you’re on your own in the world of adults. So, have fun and don’t stress!


Emily Adji

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