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You might think “the zoo” is always chill, and classes are easy, but we take academics just as serious as a partying. Here are 9 of the hardest classes at UMASS Amherst:

1. Organic Chemistry

Orgo, more like org-oh my god why am I taking this class?!

There is so much to memorize your head will be spinning for days


2. Chemistry 111

Ok, I’m sure all the sciencey-folks are rolling their eyes right now, but this class isn’t just for you, it’s considered as one of the easier and more popular ways to fill the gen ed requirements, but it it so much harder than you think, especially since it’s clear none of the professors WANT to be teaching this intro class.


3. 233 Multivariable Calc

The name itself sounds scary enough. Just one X is enough to make my palms clammy, why are we adding more letters, what happened to good old numbers?


When just the name of the course sounds like a boring dissertation you know you’re in for a rough ride.

4. Chemical Engineering 220

Yikes. Just the intro website for this class has links to 6 specialized databases, 4 peer-reviewed (and scary looking) journals, even more links to encyclopedias. Who knew a such a math heavy major would make you read so much, this isn’t what you thought you signed up for, huh.

5. Organic Chemistry 2

These poor souls have survived through, and even passed orgo, but they still come back for more. This course is an even longer lab, and more memorization than the one before it.

Can’t really feel as bad since anyone taking this has already been complaining about Orgo so much.


6. Thermodynamics 230

If you mix physics and temperature, you’re not getting

You don’t need thermodynamics to know you won’t look especially hot the night after studying for a thermo test.


 7. MIE (engineering) 413

Homework is do almost every class

(Unless there was a major project or test – not that you are given enough time for those)

Problems require reasoning skills, but don’t expect to learn these skills from the prof, it’ll be guess and check from there


8. Com Sci 230

Brains are binary machines sure, but that doesn’t make coding any easier for most of us, it’s a language foreign to our own species. It’s like teaching a gorilla sign language, difficult but not impossible.


9. Math 545

For anyone who is into math, the concepts aren’t all that hard, but be prepared to stick to the crummy text book and read it cover to cover if you want to figure out how anything works.


All in all, UMASS Amherst students are smarter than people give us credit for.

The real take away is that if you know an engineering major, they probably need a hug.



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