1. Visit Durfee

It’s like a tiny little tropical island on campus, but you’re never gonna go you just look at pictures from friends snap stories

2. Go to the writing center

Bump up a grade; sound most smartest in your classes. Go to the writing center to really improve that paper!

3. Resume workshops

You’re here so you can get a degree and subsequently a job in your field. That’s gonna be hard without a well written resume! Hit up the resume programs at Goodell or in your specific field .

4. Join __ club

The number one thing club leaders hear from students is “oh I’ve wanted to join since “insert long amount of time here”, but I didn’t know where/when you met or something like that CLUBS WANT YOU! Just email, facebook message, check in, it will happen/ Remember these orgs are student run, there is no staff checking these email lists.

5. Climb the FAC roof

I mean sure you’re not allowed, but isn’t that what makes it fun?

6. Get roots breakfast

It’s a swipe instead of dining dollars! It is so good, but you gotta get up early :/

7. Take a bus you don’t know where it goes

Just hop on and hope it goes somewhere fun. (Side note:Best done in nice weather.)

8.  Eat at every dining establishment

I don’t just mean all 4 DC’s, go to all the cafes, furcolo, isb, ilc, whitmore cafe, go on a hunt for every last place to get a snack on campus.

9. Go Ice Skating!

When else are you gonna live next to the rink? Head over!

10. Stand up for something you believe in!

Whatever it is now is the time – find some way to fight for a cause you care about. No other time in your life will you have so much freedom to work for causes you care about without financial compensation.



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