Towards the end of each semester we reach a point in time where we have to start picking classes for the following semester at University of Miami. Sometimes it’s a pretty difficult process having to fit in your degree requirements as well as other non-major exciting courses. Luckily, here at the University of Miami (UM) we have a wide variety of classes that are very interesting! Here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at the University of Miami!

1. ENG 241: Art of the Con: Con Artists, Tricksters, and Card Sharks in U.S. Literature and Culture

Interested in watching films as well as reading graphic novels about con artists and tricksters in the US? Then this is the class for you! No go on and enroll to learn more about con artist like Catch Me If You Can’s Frank Abagnale.

2. PSY 240: Abnormal Psychology

This is such an amazing and interesting course! Throughout the semester, you get to learn about various psychological disorders as well as symptoms and treatment. You are able to gain a bit more understanding about the minds of those at are suffering through these conditions! It is also a very straightforward and worthwhile course to take!

3. BPH 305: Issues in Health Disparities

There are many countries in the world that are dealing with epidemics and they lack the resources for disease prevention. This fascinating course focuses on the disparities in health systems/care in minority communities, primarily focusing on the social, biological, and economic issues at hand. Overall, BPH 305 will leave you informed about the realities of health care and treatments in minority populations.

4. HIS 374: History of Feminism

Feminism is growing topic of discussion in today’s society. In this class you get to learn about the progress of feminism in the United States including labor movements, ideology, race, and so much more. It’s time to gain more understanding on the need for equal rights in society!

5. BIL 324: Biology of Fishes

Love fish? Well this class is the one for you! You get to learn about the physiology of fish, reproduction, their sensory systems, and so much more! This cool class will give you a tour of under the sea!

6. GEG 101: Digital Earth

Interested in technology and its influence in the world? The course, Digital Earth, focuses on how geospatial technology is incorporated in business, gaming, healthcare, and much more!

7. ATM 118: Current Weather and Climate Topics

Climate change is a growing issue in the world today. This interesting course discusses hurricanes, global warming, and many more weather phenomena. If you are interested in gaining more insight on the weather and its impact, then this is the class for you!

8. PSY 310: Attitudes and Persuasion

Attitudes and persuasion can spruce up your persuasion skills by teaching you widely used persuasion methods/tools! Along with this, you get to learn about theories and research pertaining to attitude change and formation. It’s a class you won’t want to miss!

9. PHI 135: LOVE 101

Want to become a love guru? Taking the interesting course, LOVE 101, will do you the trick! Love is all around us and this course will emphasize that through psychological, ethical, and biological standpoints. LOVE 101 will help you understand the feeling of love and why it’s so hard to cope after a breakup!

10. BUS 201: Money

This exciting course will open your eyes to the world of money. Money is a huge component in our society and this course offers information to improve financial literacy such as insurance and budgeting. Learning these key points will lead you towards a financially successful future!!


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