The University of Miami has a breathtaking campus. Centered around Lake Osceola, you would be hard pressed not to compare the campus to a resort. This makes for some pretty scenic study spots which you definitely should take the time to try out. At the end of the day, not all the study spots will work for you because everyone has different study habits. It’s about finding the one that fits your needs.

1. The Marta And Austin Weeks Music Library

Probably one of the best kept secrets at the University of Miami campus: if you ever need a quiet spot to study this library is for you. Neatly tucked away beside the Rathskeller, this library is filled by those who really need to focus. There are cubicles where you can completely isolate yourself but many enjoy sitting at the tables overlooking lake Osceola. The opening hours are a great way to motivate yourself as well. Running till 11 pm on weekdays and a little earlier on weekends, if you use the closing time as a means to organize your study schedule you’ll always be in bed on time.

2. The 24 Hour Kornspan Study Lounge

Like the music library, this space is for those looking to engage in some serious studying. It is the only 24 hour study space on campus (except for Richter during finals) and located at the back of the Shalala building on the first floor. What’s nice about this space is that each cubicle is individually lit. Additionally, if you want to carry out some relatively quiet group work there’s an area sectioned off by a glass panel that allows you to do so. The best part of this study lounge has to be the aesthetics. Luxuriously furnished, this area exudes the air of a fancy country club rather than a study lounge.

3. The Gliders

These can be found all over campus, whether it be at the Rock, in front of the freshman dorms, or next to the Rathskeller. These are optimal for studying between the months of November and March due to the weather. That said, if you’re looking for a quiet spot to study these probably aren’t the best option for you. Because of their location in high traffic areas of campus, the gliders are great if you don’t mind having the occasional conversation with a passerby. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy having a nice lilting swing while they try and cram for the next midterm?

4. Student Org Suites

Located on the second floor of Shalala, not many know that the space between the org suites is filled with multiple cubicles where you can easily settle into your study rhythm. However, keep in mind that this may not be the quietest study spot you can find on campus. Like the gliders, there will always be the humdrum of conversation and a buzz in the background. However, if you wander through here on a weekend it’s perfect for studying. The natural lighting as you overlook lake Osceola coupled with the super scenic view will definitely get you into the zone.

5. The Stacks

If you make your way to Richter Library and start exploring floors 4 and higher, you will encounter the deathly silence that is the Stacks. If you wish to lose track of time and totally engross yourself in your work this is the ideal place for you. Keep in mind that this space fills up fast no matter what time of the year so make sure you get your spot early in the day. Especially during finals, it’s near impossible to get a spot in the Stacks.

Keep in mind that there’s a plethora of study spots at “the U” and you need not necessarily limit yourself to the ones listed above. By all means, try them out because you never know – they may just work for you. However, it’s really up to you to find a spot that suits you and stick to it.


James Lai

I'm an undergrad currently at the University of Miami. I'm pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering on the pre-med track and absolutely love it here at the U.

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