Throughout your time in university, there is the inevitable experience of unfortunately taking difficult classes. Everyone has had their fair share of late nights and stress because of extremely hard courses, including myself.  Here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at University of Miami!

1. PHY 207-University Physics 3

The main focus in this course is electromagnetism and every class lecture there is a new equation introduced. Though physics is very important to many fields, it is a very difficult subject to grasp, so do not be surprised if there are moments where you are lost with the material.

2. MTH 161-Calculus I

Ohh calculus! It can honestly be one of the hardest math classes to some people, despite some people enjoy the math challenge (like me). There are so many integrals and derivatives that sometimes it can be hard to keep track of and conceptualize. However, like they always say in grade school in regards to math, “Practice makes perfect”.

3. MTH 162-Calculus II

So this is the sequel to Calculus I, which means it will be just as much of struggle. You can’t forget your favorite things in the world- limits, derivatives, and integrals. From my own personal experience, a lot of trigonometric identities were incorporated which made the class examples more complex. All in all, practice will help you succeed in the part 2 of calculus.

4. BIL 160-Evolution and Biodiversity

Like the name says, this class focuses on evolution and biodiversity. There are lots of details that need to be memorized in the course, such as species names. This all can be fixed by reading the textbook and taking notes.

5. PHY 560-Quantum Mechanics and Modern Physics I

Quantum mechanics? Needless to say it is a concept that physicists are still trying to fully understand day by day. Don’t fret though, the topic is very interesting and will help you understand more about the world around us and how it works.

6. ECE 201-Electric Circuits Theory

This class is a real hard one! There so many components to a circuit (like resistors, voltage sources, currents, and so much more!) and so many calculations that are needed. Like all math-related classes, practice is needed constantly to strengthen your knowledge and guarantee success in the course.

7. BMB 509-Molecular Biology of the Gene

Learning about the structure and function of the DNA is important towards improving our understanding of our own body. These topics can be difficult to visualize and understand but it is a very interesting concept that can be learned.

8. SPA 101-Elementary Spanish I

It’s crazy to think that a language course like Spanish can be considered difficult. However, it can be hard for someone to learn a new language if they have had no exposure prior and the workload can be time consuming. All in all, Spanish is an amazing language to learn and it will expand your cultural horizons.

9. CHM 201-Organic Chemistry I

Organic chemistry is known for being a tough class that will leave you studying all day and night. My friend, who is taking it, loves to refer to it as “Chem is life nowadays” and essentially that becomes the case. Be prepared to be eating and sleeping organic chemistry.

10. BUS 630-Fundamentals of Economics, Accounting, and Finance

This class provides you with an overview of the structure of an economy as well as the value of money among other themes. These interesting themes of money and different models may seem daunting and a lot of information (which it may be), but hard work and studying will help further understanding!


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