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The University of Miami is famous for its party scene, great location and beautiful weather. For many graduating high school seniors this already sounds like the ultimate destination at which to spend their next 4 years. What more motivation could they possibly need to come and attend “the U”? Listed below are 5 reasons why you should seriously consider applying to the University of Miami.

1. The University of Miami is a Tier 1 Research University


As much as we don’t like to admit it, the 4 years of undergraduate education are like an extended dream before we have to enter the workforce. However, to make ourselves competitive we’re going to need ample access to academic resources. The University of Miami‘s classification as a tier 1 research university means that opportunities are abundant for students of all different levels to work alongside eminent professors in their respective fields. The range of options to engage in serious academic work is endless and the University of Miami will definitely prepare you for life after college.

2. School Pride

Perhaps one of the best things about the University of Miami is the school pride. Whether it’d be during homecoming, at football games or just on a daily basis, enthusiastic support for the Hurricane family is a constant. This affords the campus a welcoming and exciting atmosphere and will definitely make you feel great about being a Cane. The school pride is infectious and if at first you don’t feel it by the end of your first semester you’ll definitely be proudly sporting the orange and green.

3. You get to attend a university nicknamed “The U”

Seriously, how cool is that. Out of the 2618 4-year universities that exist in the United States, you get to attend “the U”. It’s a nickname known all over the country, especially when it comes to college football. If you do commit to Miami, definitely get ready to throw up the U.

4. The Campus is Breathtaking

The University of Miami probably has one of the most scenic campuses that you’ll come across. Centered around Lake Osceola and embellished by what seems to be a limitless supply of palm trees and fountains, you would be hard pressed not to compare the campus to a resort. Not only does this make the campus a wonderful place to hang out on the weekends but it makes getting up in the morning that much more tolerable, even invigorating.

5. You’ll Never Run Out of Things To Do

The City of Miami has so much to offer. Whether it’s a weekend trip to the art district of Wynwood, an exploration of the countless beaches that dot the Florida coastline, or a night out at coconut grove, Miami is one of the most vibrant cities you’ll ever come across. Be spontaneous and try everything because it’ll make for a more diverse college experience. Whether you decide to explore the food scene, revel in the nightlife or attend a football game, Miami will always have something to offer.

The University of Miami is the ideal place if you’re seeking a balance between academics and life outside the classroom. There’s a reason why Miami has been touted as the “Magic City” but you’ll have to attend the U to found out exactly why that is.




James Lai

I'm an undergrad currently at the University of Miami. I'm pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering on the pre-med track and absolutely love it here at the U.

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