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Freshman year is stressful and an immense change of everything (of the people around you, of your room, of what you eat, of your schedule) in your life. As a result, a lot of students gain the notorious “Freshmen 15”.

Even though it might be tough, if you put in the time and effort, you could avoid the unwanted weight gain during your first year of college. Just follow the tips listed below:

1. Eat well

Don’t go for burgers and pizza every day in the dining halls. It might seem nice to not have anyone care what goes into your body and to have the liberty to eat whatever you want. But after the first few weeks, your body will definitely start feeling the effects of all that grease and cheese and bread and red meat. Also, be careful with the desserts. It’s hard, it really is.

Try to balance out your sugar intake. It’ll be worth it, and you feel way healthier because of it.

Balance out your meals. Have a salad and fruit from time to time. Try out the vegetarian section too, you won’t regret it.

2. Work out regularly

You don’t have to be an adrenaline junky or a jock to establish a routine. Go three times, twice or once a week. It doesn’t matter as long as you do something, anything, to somehow burn the food you intake.

Go for a walk or a run around campus, take your friends out to the Arb…there are endless possibilities and ways in which you can burn the calories.

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3. Drinks have calories too

Go out and have fun, but be careful! Drinks have calories and sugar too, probably way more than what you would normally expect them to have. Because of that, limit yourself. Don’t drink every time you go out (it’s really not the only thing you have to do to have fun). Be the sober one from time to time.Image result for parties umich

As long as you follow these three tips, your waist size will not increase drastically.

The key to success is honestly just finding a balance with everything: eating, playing and drinking. Find the perfect combination of all three (after a few trials and errors, of course) and you’ll be more than fine.


Natalia Carolina

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