Computer Science (and Engineering in general) is one of the toughest majors to overcome and survive in college. They’re a lot of work, and they require an immense amount of time and dedication that not everyone is willing to give up. That being said, some of the classes (the minority to be honest) that the University of Michigan offers to their up and coming engineers are actually (surprisingly) more fun than not; and Engineering 101 is no exception.

1. Computer programing is interesting

Being able to type a few characters into a terminal and see how the computer responds is amazing. A lot of people say it’s like learning a new language, but instead of communicating with people, you’re communicating with technology. That’s crazy! It also gives you a new problem-solving way to think about everything. 

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2. Lectures are optional

There is nothing better than knowing you don’t have to wake up at ungodly hours to take a class you could learn by yourself in your own time. Nothing. Engineering 101 lectures are mostly in the mornings, with the exception of a single 10:30 am slot that fills out incredibly quickly during registration dates. So having the lecture recordings and Powerpoints posted online for your convenience is a gift and a joy and it makes you enjoy the class even more.

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3.   It’s a manageable workload

You really don’t have work to take back to your dorm. There are projects you have to do and weekly reviews you have to take online, but the workload, compared to other classes, is less. Weekly reviews take about 15 – 30 minutes each week, and if you really work and focus for a couple of hours on a project, you should be fine. In other words, it’s not a class that will take up all of you time. That means you can work hard and play hard afterward; which is great!

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4. The topic is extremely relevant and useful

Learning any type of programing language gives you a leg up in the workforce, decreasing your difficulty of getting a new job. It’s also very nice and refreshing to study something that you know you can and will use in the future. And come on, who wouldn’t gloat about being able to code? Also, who knows what doors can open for you just because you know some code?

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5. Anyone can learn it

Because of the way the class is set up, and the way the  instructors teach, anyone can learn how to do it. Even Karlie Kloss knows how to program! As long as you put in time and effort, you’ll acquire a very useful array of knowledge that you’ll remember and use for years to come.

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Even though programming isn’t for everyone, you’ll never know if you like it or not until you try it. Don’t let the idea of having to work hard stop you, enjoy the experience instead! The only people who fail the class are the ones that put in zero effort. Even if you put in the minimal time, you’ll learn a lot and have fun doing it!

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Natalia Carolina

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