BLUElab is one of the University of Michigan‘s biggest clubs on campus. It’s a huge organization that encompasses an array of different teams that, even though use different approaches and solutions, solve problems that help people and communities across the globe. They’re all about socially engaged design, sustainability, empowerment, leadership, teamwork… Hopefully, this list convinces you to join and help make a difference.

1. Because of what it stands for

They embody what everyone in the world should strive to do: ensuring that basic needs (which include having water, agriculture, education, energy…) are addressed and solved. They help people of all ages, cultures and socio-economic groups have an insured availability to fundamental necessities of survival. That’s amazing, and it impacts people in more positive ways than you can imagine.

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2. Because of diversity

BLUElab has incredible diversity among its members. Even though it’s mostly an engineering club, there are students from more than 11 colleges in U of M. The student body is also filled with people from different backgrounds, ideologies, cultures, and hometowns. It is also the most diverse club in terms of men to women ratios.

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3. Because of the teams

There are a total of (at the moment) twelve teams that you can be a part of if you join the club. Every team also has subteams that are in charge of different aspects of their socially engaged goal. Because of that, you are bound to find at least one team that spikes your interest. You can also create your own team by addressing some social issue that you deem necessary of solving.

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4. Because of the people

Hundreds of people are part of the club. Hundreds. They’re all different and unique and amazing, and they all want to do good, help others, and leave a positive impact. Everyone has a heart of gold and is dead set on doing everything they can to make sure their team and team members reaches their full potential. They’re the leaders and best of what Michigan has to offer, so don’t turn down the chance to be acquainted with them. You will never regret meeting any of them. Image result for blue lab umich

5. Because it’s fun


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Hopefully, this list convinced you to join. You should. Stop thinking about it and sign up. It takes less than five minutes and it’s totally worth it.

Just think of the good you can do, of the people you can meet, of everything you can learn and everything you can teach. Think of the servant leader you can become and of the people you can impact. That is what you can do in BLUElab.


Natalia Carolina

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