Students at the University of Michigan usually decide where they’re going to be living next year during the fall semester of the year they’re currently on. In other words, they decide a full year in advance. That’s stressful to think about for someone who’s still trying to figure out how college works. Fear not, however, because this list is supposed to help you figure out your housing situation in a jiffy.

1. Chose a buddy (or group of buddies)

By now, you’ve probably made some friendships with the people around you. Talk to them, see who you would be willing to live with and who you wouldn’t. Make a group and then decide what your next course of action is. Even though some people pick a place and then fill it, it’s easier to do the opposite. Besides, you don’t want to have a random person rooming with you.

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2. Pick a type

Do you want to still live in the dorms? Do you prefer an apartment or house? Make a table and weigh the pros and cons. You should also see the what’s the number of people who you want to live with. If it’s more than around 5, look for houses. If it’s less, an apartment or dorm.

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3. Price range

Talk to your future roommates about it. Talk to your parents. See what’s the most they are willing to spend on housing and come to an agreement. Reach a middle ground with everyone.

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4. Check the location

If you’re lucky, you’ll find something that’s close to Central Campus and also cheap. That rarely happens though, so be sure to check the location of your future home. Think about winter and how cold it can get. Do you want to walk a lot or a little with who knows how many inches of snow? Are you willing to pay a little more for something that’s closer? Is there maybe a bus that you can take if it’s farther away? These are all things to consider.


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5.  Submit everything on time

Make sure you submit the lease agreement and whatever other documents you have to on time. Make the deposit on time. You don’t want to have to worry about losing your possible home because you missed a certain deadline. That just adds unnecessary stress and will make you possibly have to live in a worse or more expensive location, since everything gets filled up so quickly.

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There are hundreds of options for off-campus housing in Ann Arbor since it’s so common for students to live outside of dorms after their freshman year. Just be sure to start searching and submit everything on time. If you follow this list, you can be certain that you’ll have a great experience the following term.

Natalia Carolina

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