University of Michigan offers over 100s of classes, some are required for your program and some you just take for fun. If you are looking for some fun and exciting courses, you are at the perfect place. Here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at University of Michigan.

1. AMCULT 208 – Beatniks, Hippies, and Punks

Taught by U of M’s resident hippie himself: Bruce Conforth. Bruce captivates the class by taking them back in time to the days of post-WWII America. There’s no better way to complete your social science distribution than learning about hallucinogens and Woodstock. Arguably the best course at U of M!

2. DUTCH 351 – Anne Frank in Context

This class will fulfill your humanities distribution requirement, and teach you about the holocaust using Anne Frank’s diary and the many adaptations of it. If you have an interest in Jewish culture, this might be the class for you.

3. AMCULT 381 – Latinas/Latinos and the Media

Examining immigration, TV, music, and how these relate to race, gender, and stereotypes. An interesting way to take an in-depth look at a complex culture.

4. EARTH 103 – Dinosaurs and Other Failures

Learn about the friendly (or not so friendly) giants that roamed our earth thousands of years ago. This class might only be one credit, but it’s an easy course to get an extra natural science credit in!

5. ASTRO 106 – Aliens

Another fun course to get a natural science credit in is this mini-course about Aliens. You’ll learn about the theories regarding extra terrestrials and whether they’ve walked on Earth, or whether they ever will.

6. PUBPOL 201 – Systematic Thinking about the Problems of the Day

An interesting class where students learn about four specific policy areas by different professors who are experts in each area. Past topics include: copyright policy, health policy (the Flint water crisis), education policy, and voting policy.

7. RCARTS 285 – Photography

Learn all about the rule of thirds, and how to be ~artsy~ for Instagram. Photography is a skill that you’ll use your whole life, even if it’s just through an iPhone camera.

8. PSYCH 401 – Psychology of Religion and Spirituality

This class studies the spiritual world and the different connections that people have to nature and religion. You will learn about multiple perspectives and different theories. You’ll get to meditate on a variety of topics.

9. ENGLISH 223 – Creative Writing

Let your imagination run wild! Write about a variety of fictional topics, and have the freedom to create your own stories. A fun way to gain some writing skills.

10. DANCE 100 – Introduction to Modern Dance with Latino Influences

Take a couple of hours out of your week to de-stress and learn fast-paced Latino dances. This is a class that you can have fun with!


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