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If you’re an engineer or a Physics major (good luck, by the way – you’ll need it) in the University of Michigan, you’ll most definitely have to take Physics 140 at some point or another (most probably during your first or second year in the university). Here are some of the first thoughts that might run through your mind during your first class.

1. The class is huge

You’ll most probably take the course in one of the enormous (even though not as big as the Chem 1800 room) lecture halls in the Weiser building. If you don’t make it on time (or within the reasonable extra 10 minutes known as Michigan Time), you’ll be struggling to find a seat that isn’t in the first row.   Image result for weiser hall umich


2. That it’s going to be a lot of work

All science and math classes (not counting Social Sciences – even though some of them can also be incredible though) in the University of Michigan have one thing in common: they are extremely difficult. Additionally, if you want to score a good grade on your transcript, you’re going to have to work more than what you originally had in mind. Image result for umich student studying


3. The instructors are great

All of the professors that teach the course have had more than a handful of years of experience and they all want to see you succeed. Because of that, they’ll all try their hardest to be certain that you comprehend and grasp the material that they’re teaching. They’re known to be great lecturers and have very useful office hours. Image result for yuri popov umich


4. The LAB counts in the final grade of the class

Unlike in Chem 130 and Organic Chemistry, the LAB section of the course affects your final grade in the class. That means that the laboratory portion isn’t separate from your lectures. It also isn’t a one or two credit add-on. Instead, it amounts to a hefty 20% of your final grade, thus making Physics 140 a 5 credit class.

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5. There are high school students taking the class

In one of the first two classes, your instructor will probably set up an easy questionnaire on the projector to get to know his/her students. It’ll mostly consist of questions based on your nationality and major, but it’ll end with a “What year are you on?” inquiry. The most shocking thing out of the ordeal isn’t the fact that there’s a “high school” option, but that people will actually answer that. There are high school students taking the class with you. What? 

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Don’t let these preliminary judgments phase you though, Physics 140 is going to be tough and hard, but if anyone can get through it, it’s you. (If there are people in high school who are taking the course, you can most definitely take it and survive too.


Natalia Carolina

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