Even though there’s not much to do (aside from walking to classes) outside of your dorm during U of M‘s winter semester (thanks, good ol’ Michigan winter!), buying tickets and going to a varsity game is always a lot of fun. Not sure which sport is worth walking through the frozen tundra? Worry not! This blog should help you figure it out.

1. Basketball

It’s no secret that the Fall semester is dedicated to Football and the Winter semester is all about basketball. It’s such a big part of a Wolverine’s life at Michigan that you can even buy a season ticket for all of the games before starting the school year. Varsity basketball games are always thrilling and exciting, definitely worth spending the time, money and effort it takes to see.

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2. Hockey

It’s violent and gruesome, the fans go wild, and it’s prone to fights breaking up among the players. In a nutshell, it has everything and anything that people need to thoroughly enjoy a sport (and to laugh and to yell and to have a fantastic time). Investing in hockey season tickets (or paying for a few of them if you don’t think you’ll make it to all of the games) is definitely something to consider.

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3. Gymnastics

Gymnastics isn’t as popular as the other sports on the list, but worth mentioning nonetheless. The University of Michigan has an amazing gymnastics team, with team members that are ranked as the Nation’s best. Students usually don’t have to pay if they show their M-Card, and the team sometimes gives away free merch (is there anything better than a free shirt or scarf? Answer: No, there isn’t).

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4. Volleyball

Volleyball is a fast-paced and attention-grabbing sport, and, in U of M, its no exception. These types of games are for people who are fans of constant action, not for the faint of heart. They’re adrenaline filled and apace, look away for a second and someone will score a point. Entrance is also usually free of charge for students, but they don’t give free clothes.

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5. Wrestling

Even though it’s wildly entertaining, wrestling isn’t a sport for everyone. For those interested though, you should go without thinking about it twice. U of M has a great wrestling team (as well as with every other sport – of course). Entry is free as well, and they do give away free merch during some of the home games.

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Bored, in your dorm, and have nothing else to do but look out the window at the ice-covered grass and snow-filled streets? Go online and check the schedules for the Winter varsity sports. You won’t regret it.


Natalia Carolina

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