Are you looking for some interesting and cool classes to take at University of Michigan? You are at the right place! Here are 10 of the Coolest Class at University of Michigan!

1. ELI 395 – English Language Institute

It is offered in the winter only and it prepares you to teach ESL to migrant farmworkers from mexico in the coming summer! – T.G.

2. HISTORY 238

It’s the history of the Universe from the Big Bang to the present and it’s co-taught with a lot of expert guest lecturers that come in. Both professors are awesome and the course really makes you think about stuff. It seems like a lot to cover at the start but they really do a great job of getting through it all. – S.W.

3. MATH 215 – Calculus III

The material is very interesting. Professor Rathnayake is amazing. She is very helpful and she covers a bunch of examples in such a short period of time that comes useful for homework. Whenever you have questions she is willing to answer them like before lecture, after lecture, in office hours. But she speaks and writes really fast so you should keep up and it may help to read the material beforehand. – M.I.

4. EECS 398 – Computing for Computer Scientists

I like the class because it has made me a more productive programmer/computer scientist. There are a lot of tools that can save your life whenever you write code. It’s pretty fun. – S.K

5. Econ 101 – Principles of Economics I

Dr. Wolfers is a very funny and smart professor. He dressed up as Harambe for Halloween and wore the costume through lecture. – J.S.

6. Asian 377 – kpop and beyond with professor Ryou.

It uses kpop as a door to Korea’s culture boom around the world and you watch a lot of movies! Great class for those who want to get in touch with their Korean side or learn more about it and the people. It’s a lot more than kpop though. There’s history on government and how that affects the entertainment industry and opinions of the public. It focuses on pop culture’s influence on society. – J.L.

7. Bio 116: Biology of Sex

With William Fink. It’s hilarious and a very interesting class. – T.L.

8. EECS 270 – Introduction to Logic Design

With Professor Brehob. Best professor ever. – T.K.

9. AOSS 101 – Intro to rocket science. – K.S.

10. MUSPERF 300 – Video Game Music

A course with a really great professor from the School of Music Theatre and Dance and it’s open to all departments. – M.D


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