Got nothing to do on weekday nights? Looking for a fun way to spend your time that doesn’t include procrastinating? You should look into joining an intramural team for the Winter semester. If you call a group of friends (or decide to sign up as a “Free Agent”), you can join any of the sports in this list and have a blast (in a healthy, proactive manner).

1. Basketball

Winter semester should be dubbed “Basketball Season”. From games to intramural sports, basketball is everywhere during this time of the year. Joining or making an intramural team for this sport can be extremely fun and slightly competitive, so make sure you’re ready to fight for the title if you’re up for the challenge.

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2. Indoor Soccer

During Fall, outdoor soccer intramural leagues usually fill up in a heartbeat; the exact same thing happens with indoor intramural soccer. The teams are smaller and the game is more fast-paced than outdoor, but it’s still extremely enjoyable. Get ready to run (a lot- and back and forth in the small court). Bring your best running shoes and finest exercise clothes (trust me, you want to look good when you score a goal).

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3. Racketball

Racketball, even though it can be played with more people by taking turns, is more of a single player or small team type of game. It’s not as action-packed as the first two on the list, but that doesn’t take away the spike in your heartbeat when you walk into the court. This sport is for the more laidback players who just want to have a good time and not have to worry too much about the competitive aspect of it all.

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4. E-Sports

For the first part of the semester, E-Sports encompasses one intense, vehement and adrenaline-packed video game: Rocket League. It’s competitive (and quite frankly, hilarious) to compete against other people in this environment. Think soccer with cars that can almost fly and spin and do insane tricks. Is there really anything else to ask for?

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5. Broomball

Broomball is the last sport in the list because it’s usually the most violent of the bunch. It’s supposed to be like hockey but with brooms and sneakers instead of hockey sticks and ice skates. If hockey is violent, imagine how broomball can get. Of course, the intramural league tries to set rules to control and manage the injuries. Regardless, you shouldn’t sign up if you’re not into the idea of shoving and pushing.

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Hopefully, this list gives you an idea of what to do when the snow falls and seasonal depression comes in full swing. Don’t let it get to you! There’s a lot to chose from, so something will definitely peak your interest and keep you preoccupied during your free time.


Natalia Carolina

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