Deciding where to study abroad can be an exciting experience for people of most majors. If you’re in the College of Engineering, however, the latter can be more of a hassle. Why? Becuase very few classes are approved overseas. The best thing to do if your major doesn’t allow you to study abroad during a semester is to check out the international summer study abroad options that the university offers.

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the place to go to if you don’t want to spend all of your summer studying, but are looking for something exciting to do. It’s a two-month-long program in which students stay in the Hong Kong University of Technology. The best part? It’s usually less than $2000 for room and board. Cheap options like this one are usually unheard of, so take them when they pop up!

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2. South Africa

Here, you can apply to work in the South African National Space Agency. Even though the program isn’t available to freshmen, it’s one to consider if you’re upperclassmen. Students who are accepted don’t have to pay a single penny (aside from the flights of course), and you can even get a $4500 stipend for the eight-week-long sojourn.Image result for south africa national space agency

3. Rome

One of the best places to study engineering is where some of the world’s greatest engineers come from: Italy, especially, Rome. Here, students can take classes on Thermodynamics, materials, and manufacturing, while also being able to choose from a wide variety of humanities courses. This program takes place during the Spring term, so from May to June.

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4. Germany

This ten-week summer immersion program can be intense, but totally worth the effort. Instead of taking classes, this is a research internship in a topic of your choosing (Biomedical Engineering, Business Administration, Computer Science, Physics…). You’ll also be placed in a 100, 200 or 300 level German class to learn the language.

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5. China

In this program located in China, students from U of M and Xiamen University work together to learn mostly about clean and renewable energy. Part of the experience involves visiting and learning about two power plants close to the area, in order to gain knowledge and insight into the whole world of sustainable energy. Additionally, students can take Physics 240 and/or Chinese Language and Culture classes.

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Even though engineers can apply to international programs in other schools (including LSA and the Ross School of Business, among others), the opportunities that the university offers inside the College of Engineering are amazing and worth checking out. Regardless of the one you choose, you’ll, without a doubt, have an amazing time. One of the few joys in life is traveling after all.


Natalia Carolina

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